IBC 2022: SwXtch.io Extends Broadcast Networks to the Cloud with cloudSwXtch

SwXtch.io LLC, a subsidiary of technology company IEX Group Inc., announced in a statement today the availability of its cloudSwXtch virtual overlay network for media and entertainment companies that want to migrate demanding media workloads to the cloud while using the same systems and processes available in dedicated broadcast networks.

“CloudSwXtch brings high-performance network features to cloud applications with the touch of a button and without code changes,” said the statement. “It unlocks missing network features that customers with demanding, high-throughput workflows require but haven’t been able to use – until now. Deployed as a software solution within a physical broadcast network or a customer’s cloud tenant, cloudSwXtch enables broadcasters and video service providers to merge on-premises and cloud workflows into a hybrid production process.”

This year at IBC2022 (September 9-13, Amsterdam RAI) swXtch.io team members will demonstrate cloudSwXtch features for media and entertainment companies through a working demo at the Microsoft Azure booth (1.D25). Visitors will see a real-time presentation of cloudSwXtch capabilities combined with that of other top broadcast industry technology vendors.

Brent Yates, CTO for swXtch.io, said, “Limitations in cloud networking have significantly slowed the movement of standards-based broadcast production workloads to the cloud. Our cloudSwXtch technology brings on-premises features, like moving uncompressed video streams to the cloud with full hitless switching, without the need for software or code changes. Moreover, by layering the latest media network standards over the core networking capabilities of the major cloud providers, cloudSwXtch makes high-quality, resilient, high-performance media distribution a reality in the cloud.” 

The statement said that customers can add new features to a cloudSwXtch-enabled network, including advanced features particularly relevant to broadcast and video content producers, such as:

  • True and seamless IP-multicast, which optimizes network configuration and reduces cloud distribution and egress costs. 
  • Protocol translation and fanout that enables seamless translation between various protocols (UDP Multicast, UDP Unicast, SRT, and others) and allows endpoints that require different protocols to interact without reconfiguration or management. 
  • Hitless merge functionality incorporating the latest SMTPE 2022-7 technical standard for IP network path redundancy. cloudSwXtch hitless merge ensures media streams are instantly repaired if packets on any of the network data paths are lost. 
  • cloudSwXtch mesh connects virtual switches in a variety of dispersed network locations enabling them act as one enhanced network. 
  • Integration of on-premises and cloud networks via ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground compatibility creates a single data path and enables seamless network configuration and management. 

Microsoft Azure customers can enable cloudSwXtch features through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Visit www.swxtch.io for more information or to start a free trial. 



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