JVC Professional Video Expands Extended Warranty Program

JVC Professional Video has expanded its extended warranty program to now also include Connected Cam 500 Series streaming handheld camcorders. With this warranty, customers are guaranteed three-year protection on parts and labor for all applicable cameras.

To qualify for the extended warranty, customers must register within 30 days of the purchase date and save a copy of the confirmation screen as proof of registration. Proof of purchase, such as receipt or dealer invoice, will be required for warranty service. Studio components must be integral to a complete studio system, with camcorder, to be applicable for the warranty. All other terms and conditions of the original factory warranty also apply.

“We’ve had an enormous amount of interest in our new 500 Series cameras since they were first introduced and are thrilled to now be able to offer our extended warranty to these customers,” says Joe D’Amico, vice president, JVC Professional Video. “The new 500 Series models help increase the capabilities of our CONNECTED CAM family and IP-based production options. They provide unbeatable production-over-IP workflow solutions with amazing images, at an affordable price.”

These three compact 4K cameras — the GY-HC500 base model, the GY-HC550 with advanced streaming and graphics, and the GY-HC500SPC sports coaching and production camera — are designed to optimize both image processing and IP performance, with advanced low-latency. With advanced features and connectivity/streaming capabilities,JVC’s 500 series cameras also stream live video to Facebook and YouTube, increasing the threshold of people consuming the content.

Several other existing products are already included in the extended warranty, such as theGY-HC900CH, GY-HC900ST, GY-HM250, GYM-HM250HW, GYM-HM250SP, GY-LS300CH, GY-HM620, GY-HM660, GY-HM850, GY-HM850CH, GY-HM890, GY-HM890CH, KY-PZ100B andKY-PZ100W cameras. Applicable components include the KA-M790G, RM-HP790D, VF-HP790G, KA-790G, RM-LP20G, RM-LP25, RM-LP55 and RM-LP100.

JVC’s 500 Series Connected Cam cameras are now shipping, with MSRP starting at $3,900 for the GY-HC500.


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