NAB Show New York: Newsbridge To Bring MXT-1 AI Technology

At NAB Show New York (Oct. 24-26, Javits Center), AI and cloud media company Newsbridge will showcase its MXT-1 AI indexing technology with recent enhancements. Attendees visiting the company booth (956), “will witness first-hand how the power of multimodal and generative AI can enable the comprehension and description of audiovisual content — greatly enhancing indexing and archiving, and the speed and ease with which content can be searched,” the company said.

“Through natural language models, the patented technology generates human-like descriptions of video content and is capable of indexing more than 500 hours of video per minute, complete with metadata and descriptions. This represents a major advancement for professionals working with live and archived media, sports, and entertainment content.”

Philippe Petitpont, Newsbridge co-founder and CEO, said: “Since its beta launch in April, MXT-1 has grabbed the attention of the industry in North America, Europe, and across the world — and we’re not surprised because it truly is a revolutionary solution that makes content more searchable than ever before. With MXT-1, we’re shifting the needle in terms of what AI can do to accelerate production workflows, enabling broadcasters, content owners, news and sports organizations to produce video stories 75% faster. This is why we’re so excited to showcase MXT-1 in full in New York.”

MXT-1 now generates extensive descriptions of media assets through Automated Media Summaries. With this feature, users gain a comprehensive understanding of video content without the need to watch the footage in its entirety. MXT-1 empowers digital and marketing teams to automatically craft compelling video titles, descriptions, tags, and chapters, expediting content publishing on social and digital platforms. This not only boosts traffic and viewer engagement, but also elevates the overall viewer experience.

MXT-1’s new Highlight Identification feature allows media loggers and catalogers to spotlight the most engaging or exciting moments in a video. Content creators can then specifically search for highlights within a media asset, helping them to quickly detect the most usable footage for documentary, news story, and social media use.

Other Highlights at the 2023 NAB Show New York Will Include:


Another key MXT-1 enhancement that Newsbridge will present at NAB Show New York, is the solution’s innovative multilingual transcription and automatic multilanguage content description capabilities, which help to dramatically speed up media workflows.

“The globalization of content means there is now a greater need for solutions that speak the language of where a user or a company is based in the world,” said Frederic Petitpont, Newsbridge co-founder and CTO. “Media organizations can now efficiently translate video transcriptions into multiple languages in almost real-time, expanding the global reach of their video content. MXT-1 is also able to describe what’s happening in every shot of a video, as well as summarize the video in its entirety in several languages.”

When a media asset features multiple spoken languages, they can be automatically detected and transcribed using MXT-1. These enhanced multilingual capabilities complement MXT-1’s existing robust transcription and neural translation features, available in more than 130 languages.

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