Nugen Audio Highlights Loudness Toolkit At IBC

Nugen Audio has been focusing on Netflix compliance. Among the many Netflix-focused solutions is its Loudness Toolkit 2.8, which will be presented at IBC 2019 (Sept. 13-17, RAI Amsterdam) at Pod F.P37.

The company will also feature its Halo Upmix solution for stereo to 5.1, 7.1 and 3D upmixing throughout the show. These plug-ins are designed for content creators working on audio that is being delivered to Netflix, as well as across traditional broadcast and film platforms.

Nugen’s Loudness Toolkit 2.8 includes support of Netflix’s Audio Mix Specifications and Best Practices document, allowing users to easily create Netflix-ready mixes; and they are certainly taking notice.

A combination of three highly versatile plug-ins, the Loudness Toolkit includes the VisLM loudness meter, ISL limiter and LM-Correct quick-fix tool, as well as supporting native 7.1.2 audio processing and loudness parameters for advanced loudness control and dialogue consistency.

The enhanced toolkit also now includes the DynApt extension, which offers immediate correction of LRA and dynamics while preserving dialogue intelligibility and correctly identifying and respecting intentional dramatic transitions. It also provides an updated loudness parameter, Dialogue LRA as well as an added flexibility to simultaneously monitor multiple integrated measures.

The company’s Halo Upmix is perfect for all types of production from archive restoration and traditional television, through to the full 7.1 feature-film experience. The software features unique center-channel management with switchable dialogue extraction, as well as an optional 3D immersive extension for Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D (7.1.4) compatibility that facilitates production across cinematic, VR and gaming applications.


Powerful real-time analysis of original stereo material identifies and extracts locational cues to naturally extend the panorama, leaving the inherent character of the original source intact.

Downmix compatibility comes assured with the ‘exact’ mode function, which maintains the relationship between original, upmixed and downmixed file versions.

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