Reuters Selects Stringr As Productivity Suite Partner

Stringr, a video marketplace for custom, high-quality, video content, is integrating Reuters Connect, a “one-stop shop” for publishing, into its new Productivity Suite. Stringr is one of the first partners integrated into Reuters Connect’s end-to-end solution, allowing global users to produce and edit video content.

“Reuters Connect, our ‘one-stop shop’ for content professionals is expanding,” said Sue Brooks, managing director, Reuters Product and Agency. “I am delighted to welcome Stringr as one of the first service partners, as we set about providing an ‘end-to-end’ experience — from planning to post-production tools — that help our clients deliver brilliant content and boost productivity.”

In addition to the more than 15 million pieces of digital content offered by Reuters Connect, users will now be able to source custom video content from Stringr’s network of more than 100,000 videographers, as well as leverage its content library to create editorial content globally. The integration enables newsrooms of all sizes to seamlessly manage their workflows, while also gaining access to quality production tools and content they would not traditionally be able to leverage.

“Reuters is a long-standing and trusted content partner to its customers all over the globe,” said Lindsay Stewart, Stringr CEO and co-founder. “The Stringr team is proud to be a part of their comprehensive solution by giving their partners the power to get custom footage fast, whether it be a unique angle on a major international story, or a hyper-local story, all from within the Reuters Connect interface.”

Stringr currently works with some of the largest broadcasters and publishers in the U.S. and has integrations with media companies including Getty Images, Shutterstock, Brightcove, TownNews and TVU Networks.

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