RightsLine Becomes Early Adopter Of MPA’s Trusted Partner Network

Rightsline, a global provider of rights and royalties management solutions, today announced it has joined the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and will be incorporating the TPN+ platform into its content security protocols to provide greater efficiency and transparency to global content owners and service providers in the media and entertainment industry.

Powered by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), TPN serves as a trusted community platform benefiting content owners, service providers, assessors, and the industry as a whole with the shared goal of security preparedness, awareness and anti-piracy measures for the entire digital media supply chain. Launching Feb. 6, the new TPN+ platform will provide a trusted source of information on the security status of TPN service providers of which Rightsline is the only current rights and royalties management TPN member.

Patrick Arkeveld, Rightsline CEO, said: “The security of media content is paramount. At Rightsline, our commitment to content security has always been a critical focus and key attribute of our rights and royalties workflow management capabilities. The Trusted Partner Network is critical to providing customers with a centralized industry security standard that will help enable secure, comprehensive, and efficient media workflows. We are honored to have Rightsline be the first rights and royalties solution provider to join TPN’s mission to provide clients with a transparent and agile insight into industry standard security protocols.”

TPN member content owners will have access to the new platform from Feb. 6, and can use it as a source of trusted information on the security status of TPN service providers that enables them to make accelerated independent, risk-based decisions about engaging service providers.

Terri Davies, TPN president, said: “The new updated TPN program has been devised based on feedback and consultation with the media and entertainment industry’s input and the aim of providing a single source of truth for all content owners, giving them clarity on the security standards of their service providers. We are delighted to have Rightsline as an early adopter and the first rights and royalties management company to do so.”

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