SSL ORIGIN Mixing Console Now Shipping Worldwide

Solid State Logic says its new ORIGIN analog mixing console is now shipping to global partners and dealers. SSL says ORIGIN “brings an unprecedented degree of sonic performance and flexibility to the modern production studio; all for under $50,000.”

As the first large large-format analog studio mixing console from SSL in over a decade, ORIGIN is designed to appeal to both world-class recording and mixing facilities, educational institutes, as well as top-shelf project studios around the world. SSL has already announced the first U.S. based installation of ORIGIN at the world-famous Blackbird Studios in Nashville, with additional consoles already ordered by other prominent facilities.

“ORIGIN really is a unique console in today’s market” says Nigel Beaumont, SSL managing director. “The combination of classic analogue SSL design, forward-thinking hybrid production tools, and features like E-Series EQ and Bus Compressor that are so fundamental to the legacy of SSL, all at a new price point that makes ORIGIN an option for a wider audience.”

ORIGIN is designed for a modern DAW-driven “hybrid” production studio, while maintaining a traditional analog studio workflow style at its heart. Its familiar design is inspired by the “origin” of in-line consoles from a signal flow perspective, but blends cutting edge analogue developments to deliver a unique sonic signature that is still unmistakably SSL.

SSL says ORIGIN offers “a purely analog, inline, dual-channel design, with 16 buses, E Series 242 type EQ and an updated version of the classic Bus Compressor, ORIGIN breathes new life into a design classic across the whole console. The new PureDrive mic pre inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL Mic Pre designs, that can also switch character to a warm, harmonically rich and driven tone that varies with mic pre gain.

“The new mix bus and mix amp architecture delivers an amazingly low noise floor along with a huge headroom for a summing bus, that retains the classic SSL sound while bringing the breadth and space to mixes that engineers and producers love from analog summing.”


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