Tellyo Releases Stream Studio V2.0

Cloud production platform Tellyo has started the new year with a new release of its flagship Stream Studio solution, which includes a number of architectural changes and associated customer benefits.

Thanks to some back-end changes, Tellyo says, “Stream Studio can now load up projects almost instantaneously. Operators can therefore get to their projects much faster, and start producing without having to wait for assets to load.”

The company has increased the number of third-party hardware control devices that Stream Studio is compatible with. To this end, Version 2.0 introduces Studio Controller, a new module that enables operators to configure and manage third-party devices. As the popularity of cloud-native production solutions grows, many customers want the same tactile control experience they’d have with a more traditional studio-based workflow. It’s all about familiarity and choice.

Also new are video scopes (waveform monitor and vectorscope following the Rec.709 image standard) for fast identification of problems, e.g., incorrect white balance, black and white levels, or synchro scan issues.

Other important additions include:

  • The ability to change transitions between playlist assets more easily.
  • Improvements to the visual positioning of in/out markers when creating clips.
  • A redesigned UX for replays, and a tripling of the buffer size on all four replay inputs.
  • Greater speed and platform stability when “fast grabbing” replays.
  • Support for interlaced video inputs, enabling customers to manually enable motion-adaptive deinterlacing on live stream inputs.

Jakub Majkowski, Tellyo CTO, said: “We’ve put a tremendous amount of resource into Stream Studio over the last 12 months and the popularity of the platform has grown in tandem. Stream Studio is really coming of age in terms of features and customer-base to the extent that even the largest national-level broadcasters are considering it as part of their post-pandemic operations.”


Tellyo CEO Richard Collins agrees: “Many of our customers use Stream Studio as the keystone of their digital and social media content strategy. Digital and social content may have previously been the lesser relation of ‘traditional’ broadcast content but no longer. It’s now the equal sibling thanks to improvements in production values and the sophistication of our platform. This latest version of Stream Studio sets a new standard for cloud-based production and we’re going to keep pushing the bar even higher throughout 2023.”

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