Telos Alliance Launches Telos Infinity VIP Virtual Intercom Platform

Telos Alliance, a global provider of broadcast audio, has launched Telos Infinity VIP Virtual Intercom Platform.  It says the new platform “delivers sophisticated comms virtually, making cloud-based media production workflows available on any device — smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Users can even use third-party control devices, like Elgato Stream Deck, to control Telos Infinity VIP.”

VIP lets users harness Telos Infinity IP Intercom’s performance, scalability, ease of integration and operational/cost efficiencies anywhere — at home, on-prem, site-to-site, or in the cloud.

Martin Dyster, VP of business development for Telos Alliance, said: “Telos Infinity has revolutionized comms forever by eliminating the outmoded centralized matrix. We are doing it again with the new Telos Infinity Virtual Intercom Platform, the next evolution of Infinity that, for the first time, puts fully-featured broadcast Intercom in the cloud. This opens up a whole new world of virtual comm workflows, responds to customer demand for remote workflows, and aligns with Telos Alliance’s larger push toward virtualization across product lines.”

Telos Alliance offers several deployment options for VIP, which scales to suit users’ varying requirements, from a few remote smartphone VIP instances to an enterprise solution requiring hundreds of instances. It’s available as a physical appliance, and users can also install systems of any size as cloud services, both on-prem and on platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Deployment options are as follows:

On-Prem — Use Telos Infinity VIP hardware appliance or your own server for on-prem installations.

Integrated — For both on-prem or cloud versions, the Telos Infinity VIP system can be integrated with Telos Infinity beltpacks and hardware panels or any third-party intercom or audio subsystem using AES67 or SMPTE 2110-30 connectivity.


Cloud Server — Software for supported cloud platform installations. A complete communications infrastructure in the cloud with connectivity options for integration with third-party cloud-based and on-prem audio subsystems.

Software as a Service (SaaS) — Various third-party Telos Alliance partners will offer a Telos Infinity VIP SaaS option, allowing users to lease it in a virtual environment.

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