Acme Appealing MMT, HRP Court Verdict

New York State court sided in favor of the Cox Reps firms MMT and HRP, and against broadcaster Acme Communications. The decision would entitle the two rep firms to about $2.4 million. Acme claims its damages involve millions of dollars.

TV broadcast station company Acme Communications, Inc. announced today that it will appeal a New York state court decision issued on Monday, March 21. The ruling granted summary judgment to MMT Sales and Harrington Righter & Parsons (HRP) in a dispute that centered around MMT ending its ad rep contract with Acme in May 2009 and MMT’s effort to get Acme to accept services from HRP, which like MMT, is a Cox Rep firm.

The judgment would entitle MMT and HRP to a payment of approximately $2.4 million as a “break-up fee” or liquidated damages. However, Acme claims that the court did not address its counterclaims for damages that it claims involve millions of dollars.

ACME owns and operates six television stations, including KWBQ-TV and KASY-TV Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM; WBXX-TV Knoxville, TN; WBDT-TV Dayton, OH; WCWF-TV Green Bay-Appleton, WI, and WBUW-TV, Madison, WI.

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