Fred Foy, Famous For ‘Lone Ranger’ Intro, Dies

BOSTON (AP) — Fred Foy, the radio announcer best-known for calling out “Hi-Yo, Silver!” in his passionate lead-in to “The Lone Ranger,” has died at his Massachusetts home.

His daughter, Nancy Foy, says her father died Wednesday of natural causes. He was 89.

Nancy Foy says her father worked as an actor before landing the job as the announcer on “The Lone Ranger” in 1948. Radio historian Jim Harson said Foy’s dramatic introduction, performed over and over for the live program, was so good it “made many people forget there were others before him.”

Nancy Foy says that to the end of his life, her father never tired of repeating the intro to anyone who would ask.

Fred Foy is survived by his wife of 63 years, Frances Foy, and their three children.

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Stephen Tolomeo says:

December 22, 2010 at 4:43 pm

In the early 1990s I was searching for a keynote speaker for the Washington State Association of Broadcasters Annual Conference’s Broadcaster of the Year Banquet. Out of the blue I received a packet of information from Fred Foy offering to be a keynote speaker. Although I remembered Fred from the Lone Ranger shows, I was concerned that the Conference attendees might not and would be unattentive. I went ahead and hired Fred anyway and he sent me a case of 50 “Fred Foy Memory Books” that he wanted to sell and I was concerned that no one would buy them and he would be embarrassed. My concerns were for naught. Fred’s presentation was enthralling and you could have heard a pin drop for the entire 45 minute keynote. Still, I was concerned about the books. Well, I shouldn’t have been; they sold out! Fred autographed each one and talked with everyone who bought one as though they were the only person in the room. My wife, who still is the official “keynote speaker facilitator” was Fred’s chauffeur and right hand person during the Conference. She thought he was delightful and a true gentleman. He was personable and most gracious and we will always remember the couple of days he spent in our company. – Mark Allen, President & CEO, Washington State Association of Broadcasters

Mark MacCarthy says:

December 22, 2010 at 11:15 pm

Well I’ll be darned—-when I saw this item, above, I guessed the man I remembered with THE LONE RANGER must have beern 100 years old. So some one “out there” help me out, because grew up with Little Orphan Annie (“Bright Eyes, cheecks of Rosy Glow, If you want to know–, Arrf Says Sandy!”), Sponsor OVALTINE; then Jack Armstrong, ‘THE ALL AMERICAN BOY” Sponsor Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions, as well as a host of other terrific RADIO shows—-and that was in the late 1930’s, as well as the LONE RANGER.. Okay–maybe I’m getting senile—but I enlisted in the ARMY AIR CORPS in 1943–discharged 1946 —and frankly, I do NOT remember listening to LONE RANGER when I was 21 years old! So–please someone tell me—was there not ANOTHER TERRIFIC RADIO announcer, who introduced LONE RANGER (from Chicago?) Silvercup Bread, NY City sponsor. Hi Yo Silver—–Away! Herb Miller, 85 years young, Kansas City ([email protected])

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