Harrisburg Zombie Station Sells for $2.5M

After selling the Pennsylvania station's for $84 million in the incentive auction, NRJ is selling the TV license with must-carry rights, along with a channel sharing contract with the local Nexstar ABC affiliate, to Jeff Winemiller for $2.5 million.

Spectrum speculator NRJ made a killing on WGCB Harrisburg-Lancaster, Pa., in the FCC’s incentive auction.

It bought the independent for $9 million in 2012 and sold it for $84 million in the auction.

And, according to an FCC filing, it stands to make $2.5 million more by selling the station’s license, physical assets and channel sharing contract to Jeffery Winemiller, an TV engineer and sports production entrepreneur.

The channel-sharing deal is with Nexstar’s Harrisburg ABC affiliate WHTM. With the license, the channel has must-carry rights entitling it to carriage on all local cable systems.

Reached by phone, Winemiller said he has no definite plans for programming the Harrisburg channel. Winemiller is a 2016 honoree of the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters.

Winemiller is also awaiting FCC approval of his purchase of WGSA Savannah, Ga., for $1.2 million.


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