LucidCam Upgraded To 4K 3D VR Live Production

Lucid VR displayed its LucidCam. Offering an enhanced user experience, resolution and frame rates equipped for underwater and livestream, the LucidCam is the first 4K 3D point-and-shoot camera for virtual reality that lets users easily capture two 4K overlapping spheres to create depth, and broadcast it through HDMI or Wi-Fi to any phone or VR headset.

“Our goal is to transform the way we create content live and share experiences with people around the world,” said Han Jin, CEO, Lucid VR. “LucidCam is the first and only 4K 3D VR live production camera. It’s versatile enough to mount on a tripod or fit into your pocket. You can livestream to your phone or VR headset in seconds so people feel like they are there with you. More importantly, because it is very compact, it is mountable so in a sports game, for example, you can even place it above the basket or behind the goal or fly it on a drone to get amazing footage that people have never experienced before. LucidCam allows you to scale your 3D VR broadcasting projects from one to fifty angles, so you can keep your viewers interested and show the game flow of an exciting sports match.”

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LucidCam makes virtual reality content creation and livestream in 3D easy with a plug-n-play process flow. Broadcasters can produce high-quality immersive experiences the way they see them without complicated or expensive equipment. Simply pair the LucidCam through Wi-Fi with a smartphone, or micro HDMI cable with a computer to stream 3D VR to the Internet.

As more and more everyday consumers adopt to VR, this same easy process allows for livestreaming through the new Facebook 360 live platform and YouTube. The small LucidCam allows users to quickly create and livestream 3D VR content at a price point and compactness that has been a goal of VR content enthusiasts and broadcasters for years. With two lenses like your eyes and two speakers like your ears, LucidCam recreates a person’s experience, allowing you to put yourself into someone else’s shoes.

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The upgraded LucidCam features include:

  • Excellent 4K images, 4K 30fps videos (4K per eye)
  • HD Livestreaming
  • 180° x 180° field of view (upgradable to 360° x 360°)
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • Improved image stabilization
  • Waterproof case to film underwater, up to 12 meters depth (accessory, available separately)
  • Mobile phone clip to leverage your phone as viewfinder at the back of a LucidCam (accessory, available separately)

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