TVN Tech | Upping The Election AR And Graphics Game

Broadcasters won’t be hampered by remote working conditions for election night 2020, and they have a bevy of new graphics and augmented reality tools to help them tell the story. Above, Broadcasters can make complex data easy for viewers to grasp through augmented reality objects generated by Brainstorm graphics using real-time data from different sources. A Punt, a regional channel in Spain, covered municipal elections, and this interactive map shows the winning party in each town, with detailed results for the seats won in each town are shown on the chart of the left side. The bars on the bottom show a rundown of all the cities, in alphabetical order, with the results in real time.

Google Testing AR, 3D, YouTube Ad Formats

Google is making a push to expand augmented reality and interactive capabilities to its content and advertising offerings. The company, while slow to incorporate immersive ads, is testing 3D and YouTube live-stream display formats in DV360, its programmatic ad platform.


News Graphics Sharpen As Workflow Eases

Developments in TV news graphics have seen a host of improvements from better real-time flexibility to more streamlined workflows and even monetization prospects.


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Ventuz Technology

Ventuz Technology | Booth SL13316 | Ventuz Technology AG, located in Munich, Germany, is developer of 3D real-time technologies for presentations, events and broadcast graphics. At NAB this year, Ventuz Technology will show the full potential of its real-time 3D graphics software suite in comprehensive graphics workflows for data presentation, broadcast graphics and high-end […]


What Tegna Is Learning About AR, 3D

With changing TV viewing habits, Tegna’s NBC-ABC combo in Jacksonville, Fla., is experimenting with augmented reality and 3D technologies to grab viewers’ attention and enhance the storytelling experience. During recent newscasts, anchors in the studio have dodged a school bus and shared the screen with a circling shark — both virtual, of course. News Director Meagan Harris talks about the experiments.


LucidCam Upgraded To 4K 3D VR Live Production

Lucid VR displayed its LucidCam. Offering an enhanced user experience, resolution and frame rates equipped for underwater and livestream, the LucidCam is the first 4K 3D point-and-shoot camera for virtual reality that lets users easily capture two 4K overlapping spheres to create depth, and broadcast it through HDMI or Wi-Fi to any phone or VR […]

Shambling 3D TV Finally Falls Down Dead

Samsung And LG To Phase Out 3D

CCW 2015

Maxon To Showcase 3D Software At CCW

Maxon | Booth 1338 | Website: At CCW in New York (Nov. 11-12), Maxon, a developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions, will showcase the performance and versatility of Cinema 4D R17 (R17), the next generation of its 3D software package. Released in September, R17 delivers new, expanded and completely reworked […]

CES 2015

Stream TV Networks Making Glasses-Free 3D

NAB 2014

Imagineer Systems To Show Mocha 4 At NAB

Questions Linger As 3D Services Are Dropped

BBC The Latest To Put 3D On Hold

The BBC is to suspend 3D programming for an indefinite period due to a “lack of public appetite” for the technology. The BBC began a two-year 3D trial in 2011, broadcasting several shows and events in 3D, including the Olympic Games and Strictly Come Dancing. A Doctor Who anniversary special in November will be among the final shows televised in 3D as part of the trial.


ESPN Decision Is Latest Blow To 3D

Troubling signs for 3D have been on the horizon for a last year or so. ESPN 3D’s audience ratings were below Nielsen’s measurable threshold, and in March, the MPAA said box office revenue for 3D showings in the U.S. and Canada was flat in 2012 from a year earlier at $1.8 billion. The number of 3D films released in the period dropped by 20%. “The ESPN decision is a sign that the 3D ecosystem is not healthy,” says Laura Martin, an analyst with investment banker Needham & Co.

3net Launches 3D, 4K TV Shows

3Net Creating 3D Production, Distribution Studio

James Cameron Hyped About 3D TV

A king of the show biz world has spoken and he thinks the 3D TV format could use more scripted dramas. Yes, it’s pretty cool to have the snowboard SuperPipe at the Winter X Games or Bubba Watson’s genius at the Masters shown via 3D, but that’s expensive. Why not dial it back and go for some Grey’s Anatomy or NCIS?


IBC Trends: Cloud, Channel In A Box, 3D

Joe Zaller is just back from Amsterdam’s annual IBC tech extravaganza. He reports that in addition to boasting record attendance, the conference showcased a number of potential television game-changers. Among them: cloud-based or service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications for capturing, producing, processing and distributing video and audio as digital files; IT-based playout — more commonly called channel in a box — which offers the promise of dramatically reducing the cost of broadcast playout; and the latest developments in 3D, expected to be very much center stage next year at the London Olympics.


Dolby’s Craig Todd Gives The 411 On 3D

Dolby CTO Craig Todd heads the ATSC’s 3D planning committee. While broadcasters aren’t anxious to deal with another game-changing technology revamp, ATSC may be moving ahead with creating a standard, at the request of other members, especially Korea. One scenario is the creation of a 3D standard for the current TV system and then developing another that would be part of the next-gen transmission system in the works.

ATSC Publishes Interim 3D TV Report

ESPN To Air NBA Finals in 3D, Expand 3D Masters

HD Backwards-Compatible 3D System Launched

Scientists Make Holographic Breakthrough