NAB 2011: Triveni Products Preview

2011 NAB Show Preview
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Triveni Digital Inc., a subsidiary of LG Electronics, develops systems that let television service providers and broadcasters enhanced programs and services to their viewers. Its offerings include products for program guide and metadata management, data broadcasting and video quality assurance.

Enhanced GuideBuilder NRT Metadata Platform (New)—The GuideBuilder metadata platform has been extended for mobile service support with new ESG (electronic service guide) functionality for program content, as well as for interstitials and channel logos. Engineered in accordance with the new Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Mobile DTV A/153 Part 4 standard (Electronic Service Guide), which was developed under the leadership of Triveni Digital’s CTO Richard Chernock, this extension of the GuideBuilder’s mobile capabilities ensures up-to-date scheduling and tuning, managed through the operator’s existing workflow components.

As the ATSC continues development of an end-to-end standard for NRT (non–real time) services, Triveni also continues to incorporate support for those advanced offerings into the GuideBuilder product line. Thus, the GuideBuilder infrastructure widely deployed now supports PSIP, mobile ESG and NRT management in a unified manner, enabling straightforward extension of existing workflows.

Additional enhancements to the GuideBuilder system include development of an open ESG carouselling interface for multiplexers. Designed to support centralcasting applications, the interface is compatible with products from a growing vendor list including Axcera, DTVinteractive, LARCAN, and Rohde & Schwarz.

StreamScope MT-40 4.6 Software Release With CALM (New)—This software release enhances the MT-40’s comprehensive real-time analysis and verification of DTV transport streams with loudness monitoring that addresses the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act. StreamScope MT-40 provides end-to-end MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream analysis and monitoring for DTV services carried by broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV or mobile networks. While the MT-40 already boasts audio monitoring capabilities including dialnorm, StreamScope MT-40’s 4.6 software release extends these capabilities by allowing users to monitor audio loudness according to ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770 (as required by A/85) and, in turn, meet the requirements of the CALM Act.


The new software release also expands the MT-40’s analysis capabilities and extends its support for a variety of stream types and standards.

StreamScope RM-40 Mobile Dashboard (NEW)—This is a new Web-based interface that gives engineers secure mobile access to all of their StreamScope RM-40 stream comparison and visualization data and tools via iPhones, iPads and Android-powered devices. The RM-40 platform offers comprehensive real-time DTV troubleshooting tools to support efficient isolation and repair of the fundamental causes of video quality impairments. The RM-40 Mobile Dashboard Web interface provides mobile access to this platform, including enhanced and newly added RM-40 features, without requiring users to install, upgrade or maintain an app on their mobile devices.

StreamScope EM-40 2.0 (New)—This is latest release of the company’s enterprise-wide service quality assurance solution designed to support real-time and historical reporting and live troubleshooting, across a collection of StreamScope monitoring units. Targeted to the needs of broadcasters, cable operators, service providers and IPTV networks, the EM-40 2.0 oversees a fleet of StreamScope units that continuously detect, localize, analyze and isolate faults using configurable sets of rules. Among the enhancements to the EM-40 2.0 is the introduction of a Mobile Dashboard that provides mobile access — on any iPhone, iPad or Android-powered device — to the system’s full remote analysis capabilities for any monitored stream.

Five-Year System Warranty Plan (New)—For products on display at the 2011 NAB Show, and for the rest of the company’s software and hardware systems, Triveni Digital now offers five-year system warranties for units kept under continuous support contracts from date of purchase. This is provided as a key element of Triveni Digital’s Enhanced System Support Plans (ESSP), without any price increase. The ESSP program provides peace-of-mind support, including access to experienced Triveni Digital technical assistance, software fix and feature releases, and advanced system repair exchange (loaner systems).

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