IBC 2014

Nevion Debuts Sublime X² Compact Hybrid Router

At the IBC in Amsterdam, Nevion launched the Sublime X², a compact, 32×32 hybrid video/audio router. Designed for broadcasters, production companies and government agencies, the hybrid router offers the functionality in one box that normally requires multiple pieces of equipment, or a much larger router.

Combining routing with signal processing and a high level of redundancy, the Sublime X² complements Nevion’s established VikinX Sublime routers. With its cross-point, controller and power redundancy, Sublime X² offers the reliability typically only found on modular routers. The embedded multi-core signal processor of Sublime X2 offers future-proofing by enabling feature upgrades through software.

“Users who want to produce professional real-time content without limitations don’t need to invest in solutions which are overkill for their needs,” said Janne T. Morstøl, chief product and development officer, Nevion. “The Sublime X2’s compact footprint, combined with redundancy and signal processing, gives broadcasters a cost-efficient solution where space is at a premium.”

The new Sublime X² is a 2RU 32×32 3G-SDI compatible compact router with built-in controller offering Web interface, SNMP support, and support for all Nevion control panels. Hardware options include redundant controller, redundant cross-point, quad-core signal processor and AES I/O module. The router’s substantial software-based component enables functionality enhancements to be provided through licensed software upgrades.

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