New York LPTV Goes For $2 Million

Sale of WBQM-LD was one of five TV stations deal submitted to the FCC for its approval during the weeks ending Feb. 6 and Feb. 13, according to BIA/Kelsey.


K13IU Eagleville

Price: $1

Buyer: OpenSkyRadio Corp (Jeffrey Cotton, director)

Seller: Surprise Valley Unified School Dist (Michael Ray, principal, SHHS)

Facilities: Ch. 13, 0.089 kW, ant. 157 ft.

Comment: Surprise Valley Unified School District’s K13IU/Eagleville, CA to OpenSkyRadio Corp for $1.




K16KF-D and K26LV-D St Joseph

Price: $72,000

Buyer: News-Press & Gazette Company (Brian Bradley, president)

Seller: DTV America 1 LLC (John Kyle II, manager)

Facilities: K16KF-D: Ch. 16, 15 kW, ant. 495 ft.; K26LV-D: Ch. 26, 15 kW, ant. 479 ft.

Comment: DTV America Corp.’s CPs for K16KF-D & K26LV-D St Joseph, MO for $36K each, or a total of $72K for both.


New York

WBQM-LD New York

Price: $2 million

Buyer: Buenavision TV Network NY LLC (Carlos Barba, president)

Seller: Fox, Craig

Facilities: DTV Ch. 50, 1.7 kW, ant. 860 ft.


Comment: Craig Fox’s Renard NY Broadcasting Inc’s WBQM-LD New York, NY to Buenavision TV Network NY LLC for $2 million. $125K escrow deposit.



K21AI Camas Valley

Price: No monetary consideration

Buyer: Chambers Communications Corp (William Chambers, secretary)

Seller: Camas Valley Grange No. 521 (Gladys Milton, grange master)

Facilities: Ch. 21, 0.28 kW, ant. 939 ft.

Affiliation: ABC

Comment: Camas Valley Grange No. 521’s K21AI/Camas Valley, OR to Chambers Communications Corp’s KEZI Inc in exchange for maintaining the facility for the community of Camas Valley, OR.



K51AK Cody

Price: No consideration

Buyer: Max Media LLC (VA) (John Trinder, president/COO)

Seller: Park County (Michael Conners, CIO)

Facilities: Ch. 51, 1.18 kW, ant. 1,573 ft.

Affiliation: NBC

Comment: Park County’s K51AK Cody, WY to Max Media LLC’s MMM License II LLC for no consideration.

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Colin MacCourtney says:

February 14, 2012 at 12:42 pm

In 2007 there was an aborted $8 Million sale of this station to Equity Broadcasting, that later went bankrupt. In 2011, another sale was proposed for $5.25 Million, and that didn’t close. The newest deal is for $2 Million. Does this steady downward spiral in price indicate the declining fortunes of major market LPTV’s in ethnically diverse markets?

Ellen Samrock says:

February 14, 2012 at 1:18 pm

That LPTV stations are selling at all tells me that there is still a future for this service–that there are still people who consider low power television worth investing in. But being on channel 50 puts WBQM right in the crosshairs of where the FCC wants to take spectrum for broadband. And it’s hard to say in market #1 if there is any other channel it can move to. But I think the FCC’s repacking plan and the lack of any information from them on how they propose to do it as well as a still weak economy has depressed station valuations of all classes, including full-powers.

John Stelzer says:

February 14, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Sandwiched between full-power non-comms WEDW Bridgeport and WNJN Montclair, on the adjacent channels, this is an inherently limited facility that can’t achieve the signal density needed to reach indoor antennas in much, if not most, of the NYC market. Value accordingly.

Colin MacCourtney says:

February 14, 2012 at 8:05 pm

I stand corrected. The 2007 proposed, but later aborted, $8 Million sale of WBQM also included a second NY station: WMBQ. According to the FCC’s CDBS, WMBQ was sold (closed) in November 2011 for $5.7 Million. As a result, the value of the two stations combined is $7.7 Million, close to the $8 Million 2007 deal with Equity.