NAB 2016

Nugen Add-on Eases Stereo Upmixing

At the NAB Show this week, Nugen is introducing a $199 add-on for its Halo upmix software that makes it possible to sleep a bit more soundly for video and audio producers concerned about what to do with legacy stereo mixes.

The add-on makes it possible for audio editors to convert stereo mixes to Dolby Atmos-compatible 7.1.2 upmixes via a visual interface that makes it easy to direct energy exactly where it’s needed in the new mix, says company CMO Simon Kerr.

“It will take a stereo mix to either 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1,” says Kerr.

The add-on makes it simple to position the center and side channels as well as see a vertical representation of where the sound energy is position. Redirecting where sound energy is positioned is a simple matter of clicking and dragging control points on the visual UI.

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