‘Paternity Court’ Moves Toward Due Date

Creator David Armour says the MGM conflict-resolution strip with Lauren Lake plans to “bring something … interesting but with a truly positive resolution.” It’s been cleared so far in 75% of the U.S. for a fall 2013 launch.

MGM’s new Paternity Court from creator and executive producer David Armour, a one-time executive producer on Ricki Lake’s and Queen Latifah’s first talk shows, is starting to take shape as a conflict-resolution show presided over by a judge — TV personality and relationship expert Lauren Lake.

“We’ve seen these shows about ‘Who’s your baby’s daddy?,’ ” says Lake. “But there’s a nugget missing in current programming that I will bring to the show. My challenge is to bring something just as interesting but with a truly positive resolution.”

Armour says the show will have takeaway message. “We’re not talking about someone who broke another person’s sunglasses,” he says. “These are life-altering decisions. There is a beginning, middle and end to each story. But then there’s, ‘What happens after the paternity test results?’ We don’t take any of this lightly. There is a responsible side to the show where we help families get on the right path.”

Most episodes will focus on one case, rather than on two like on court shows such as CBS Television Distribution’s Judge Judy.

Armour says he has not figured out yet where the show will tape. And he and his team are in the early stages of getting the show’s look and feel together.

“The set will come together over the next several months,” he says. “It’s a court show with a twist. But it’s set in a courtroom. It is a court of law and will be respected as such.”


Most episodes will end with Lake revealing the results of a paternity test. But Armour says that won’t happen in every episode. And, he says, the show will cover a wide range of cases.

Paternity Court is cleared so far in 75% of U.S. TV homes for fall 2013, including on six CBS TV Stations: independents WLNY New York and KTXA Dallas, CW affiliates WPSG Philadelphia, WTOG Tampa, Fla., WUPA Atlanta and MNT affiliate WBFS Miami. Other groups picking it up for some stations: Belo, Comm Corp., Cox Capitol, Fisher, Gray, Granite, Hearst, Journal, Lockwood, LIN, Local TV, Meredith, Mission, Nexstar, Raycom, Sinclair, Weigel and Winston.

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