Pattison To Be Featured On CNBC’s ‘Millionaire’

Pat Pattison, VP of Apex Media’s Incentive Plus Network, puts his entertainment licensing and merchandising chops to work as an on-air expert on CNBC’s new show Make Me A Millionaire Inventor tomorrow night (Aug. 26) at 10 p.m. ET.

“This show is a great concept of helping struggling or stalled inventors get a hand in engineering, prototyping and then pitching to a potential investor,” Pattison says. “Like launching a new show, local TV news stations can relate to the struggles of getting a good idea to market and getting people or customers to notice it.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of inventors while in the toy and promotional product industry while at Disney and doing fast food promotions ” says Pattison. “CNBC has a great idea in showcasing these regular people who come up with a great new idea but need extra expertise to make it a reality. ”

Incentive Plus Network works with TV stations and broadcast groups to create incentive and merchandising programs to increase local revenue.

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