Retro TV Founder Neal Ardman Leaves Luken

Retro TV Network EVP Neal Ardman has left the stable of diginets now owned by Luken Communications—Retro TV, PBJ, Tuff TV and My Family TV.

According to sources, Ardman and the network’s new principal Henry Luken were unable to reach terms for a contract for Ardman. Luken disputes this, saying Ardman had no contract.

Ardman is said to be in talks with Weather Nation to head a start-up 24/7 weather service and with Beverly Hills 9021Go, a new shopping network being launched by billionaire and FilmOn founder Alki David. Sources close to Ardman say he is also considering launching a new network and that he is in talks with investor groups.

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len Kubas says:

August 29, 2011 at 5:57 pm

“sources close to Ardman” sounds like people who know his cell phone number, and this reads like a press release from Neal — actually listing several networks he’s considering. You mean you guys can’t just call him up like the rest of “us?”