Hearst-Argyle and Time Warner are among companies that have invested in Ripe TV, an on-demand service that features racy programming and lots of ads for young men, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Scantily clad women and lots of ads are the formula for success at Ripe TV, a video-on-demand service airing on Comcast and Time Warner Cable systems. The network features programs of five to 15 minutes in length, and focuses on action sports, music and comedy, according to a story by Emily Steel in the Wall Street Journal.

Ads often border programs and marketers’ logos can sometimes be on-screen throughout a show. The service, owned by Ripe Digital Entertainment, sells ads on a per-view basis, with each view costing advertisers 15 to 20 cents, regardless of whether viewed on TV, the Internet or a cell phone.

Hearst-Argyle Television, Time Warner and several venture capital firms have invested $32 million in Ripe, which plans to use the cash to develop new networks.

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