Saying Goodbye In Style; POP; Social Media

WCVB Boston's recent online coverage of the retirement of longtime anchor Susan Wormick can serve as a guide for how other stations should handle the retirement of one of their veteran, well-liked news personalities. Also this week, we look at some proof of performance spots and some social media tips.

After 34 years at WCVB Boston, Susan Wornick anchored her final midday newscast Friday afternoon, Feb. 28.

So often, on-air news people leave the air as if they’ve vaporized. No chance to say goodbye to viewers, their name and bio scrubbed from the web site, their years of accomplishments vanish into the air as if they never existed. Not so at WCVB, the Hearst-owned ABC affiliate in nation’s No. 7 market. This is local TV news as it should be, letting a popular, established news anchor address her retirement in her own words with class and dignity, surrounded by friends and family.

Thanks to Russ Nelligan, the creative services director at WCVB, for the heads-up on this story. He posted a short video on his Facebook page that showed WCVB noon news anchor Wornick surrounded by station well-wishers as she exited the studio after her last newscast. The video was only about 30 seconds of Wornick walking down a hallway to a standing ovation, but I thought it was touching. I’m sure this will be a moment Wornick will treasure when she thinks back on her days and friends at WCVB.

Ever the advocate of his station, Nelligan wrote: “You should also see links to the Chronicle program they did on her this past Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.  That program did an 8.99 rating in households and a 3.09 rating in the demo.”

If any TV station is looking for a guide as to how they should handle the retirement of one of their longtime, well-liked news personalities, here are some examples.



I love this next spot. It’s a fun premise we can all relate to. I’d be interested to see what sales revenues are like at Old Navy after this spot airs. How do you think this idea could be applied to local news promotion?

The following letter could have been written by millions of viewers all over the country this winter:

WTVO Rockford, Ill.

The POP (proof of performance) spot is somewhat unique to local TV marketing. Maybe you can think of another product that uses this marketing technique, but I can’t. Here are a couple POP examples, one proofing their sweeps stories and the other their snow coverage.

KFSN Fresno, Calif.

WRAL Raleigh, N.C.

The photo below is a simple explanation for social media, but if you need a more scientific version, check out this article: Social Media Dos and Don’ts.










Here are some examples of when pictures are better than copy:











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