Sinclair To Offer Aggregate Audience Data

In partnership with Visible World, the broadcast group is able to aggregate impressions across its 161 stations and automatically target specific local broadcast audiences.

Sinclair Broadcast Group today announced that it and Visible World have partnered to create the Audience Network for Local Broadcast TV. The companies together will debut the system at the 2015 NAB Show.

In addition to allowing Sinclair to aggregate impressions across its 161 stations, the company said this system will make it possible, for the first time, for agencies and advertisers to automatically target specific local broadcast audiences by using Visible World’s High Yield technology to optimize around multiple audience and related data sources.

“This partnership with Visible Word represents a paradigm shift in how broadcasters will compete in the future,” said Steve Marks, co-COO of Sinclair’s Television Group. “The media landscape is evolving and this new direction positions us to remain highly competitive and grow the business by reaching new clients. This is not a theoretical exercise, but a real switch in how we intend to sell, and we encourage other broadcasters to join this network.”

“Sinclair is leading a rapidly growing trend in emerging data-driven automated capabilities for local TV,” said Seth Haberman, CEO-founder of Visible World. “These new capabilities provide most of the same ones that the Internet offers, but with greater content, transparency and mass reach.”

“Our post-acquisition scale enables Sinclair to leverage our platform and audiences in ways not available to us in the past,” said Robert Malandra, Sinclair’s VP finance/TV. “The richness and intensity of our diverse audiences can now be commercialized, thanks to this partnership, with new, nontraditional sales channels.”

“The solution we are building with Visible World ends the advantages enjoyed with buying national cable and brings us the opportunity to better serve national advertisers and attract related budgets,” said Jon Spaet, Sinclair’s VP networks sales.


The two companies will be demonstrating the system and sharing their collective vision at a suite at the Wynn during next week’s NAB Show.

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