Tribune Taps Longneedle For Kids Programs

Over the next three TV seasons, Longneedle Entertainment will gradually supply two of the three hours of children's educational programming required by the FCC. It starts this fall with On the Spot, a trivia game show.

Tribune Broadcasting has signed a three-year deal with Longneedle Entertainment, by which the production company will supply 17 Tribune stations with two of the three hours of educational children’s programming that the FCC requires every TV stations to air each week.

The contract kicks in this fall when Longneedle will deliver the half-hour On the Spot, a scholastic trivia game show. It will produce two more half-hour shows for the 2012-13 season and a fourth for the 2013-14 season.

“Longneedle has a history of producing engaging, high quality E/I [educational/informational] programming,” said Tribune President of Programming and Entertainment Sean Compton in a prepared statement. “We are looking forward to the partnership.”

“This is a very exciting initiative for all of us here at Longneedle,” said Longneedle Vice President Boyd McDonnell. “Tribune is a tremendous partner who appreciates the importance and value of E/I programming that is impactful, entertaining and educational for viewers.”

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