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WISH Indianapolis GM Les Vann Leaving

He’s exiting the Media General-owned CW affiliate after two years for an undisclosed post in another market.

Les Vann, general manager of Media General’s CW affiliate WISH Indianapolis (DMA 27) confirmed to TVNewsCheck that he told management and staff yesterday that he will be leaving “for another position with another company in another market.” Vann joined WISH in August 2014.

The news was first reported by FTVLive.

He told TVNewsCheck that he will be at WISH “for another couple of weeks” and added that he “was not pushed out the door. I’m sitting at my desk working on budgets.”

Vann said that yesterday he “talked to my department heads one-on-one; I talked to my staff and I stayed around to talk to everyone who wanted to talk.”

WISH had been a CBS affiliate for 58 years until Jan. 1 when the network dropped it for Tribune-owned WTTV because WISH wouldn’t meet CBS’s reverse comp demands. WISH then picked up the CW affiliation and ramped up its local news production.

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