Wohler’s AoIP Module For AMP-2-16V Series Shipping

Wohler Technologies, a manufacturer of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, is now shipping its new Dante module for the AMP2-16V series audio monitors. This introduction is part of a company initiative to bring audio monitoring solutions into the AoIP domain.

First introduced at this year’s NAB Show, the new Dante-capable module adds audio-over-IP monitoring functionality to the popular AMP2-16V platform. The AMP2-16V Series is a 16-channel, 2-RU A/V workstation with a complete suite of tools for analyzing and managing audio quality, level and loudness, metadata and more. By adding this module, thousands of existing users can begin monitoring audio using the Dante networking protocol without a significant additional investment and without changing their existing workflows or cable installations. A Ravenna-capable module will also be released shortly, adding additional audio-over-IP protocol options for users.

“Wohler is broadening its capabilities to meet the growing demand for monitoring solutions that support the latest trends in the broadcast and production industry, such as audio-over-IP,” says Craig Newbury, the company’s VP of sales. “For example, we continue to invest in the popular AMP2-16V platform by adding new modules that are most useful to our customers. Ultimately, this is all about providing greater value by enhancing product features available to our existing users and by simplifying the transition towards new signal types.”

The AMP2-16V offers 16 channels of simultaneous, mixed-format audio metering and management. Users are able to mix, sum and route program audio live without the need for a separate audio console. The monitor features two large, customizable high-resolution LCD screens to display application-specific audio/video data such as meters/clusters, phase indication, loudness, Dolby presence and hotkey assignments.

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