Wurl TV Network Launches IGN TV Channel

Wurl TV Network is partnering with IGN Entertainment to launch IGN TV — a new broadband channel for cable TV. IGN TV will bring IGN’s entertainment programming to cable TV systems connected to the Wurl TV Network.

Wurl TV’s broadband channels allow viewers to watch programming the way they want. Viewers can watch IGN TV scheduled programming or binge on the entire catalog of IGN shows on demand. IGN TV is distributed through the Wurl TV Network to cable operators’ internet-connected set-top boxes.

IGN produces dozens of shows featuring video game and entertainment news, game reviews, interviews, behind-the-scenes looks and movie and TV reviews, including such favorites as Daily Fix, Up At Noon, Game Scoop! and eSports Weekly. All of this programming is available on the IGN TV channel on the Wurl TV Network.

“We’re thrilled to have IGN Entertainment join the Wurl TV Network,” said Sean Doherty, Wurl’s founder and CEO. “Our unique cable network is making it easier for online studios like IGN to take advantage of cable TV’s unparalleled reach and viewer engagement in a way that provides viewers with the convenience of linear channels and the unprecedented choice of popular on-demand apps.”

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