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Cinegy | Booth SL12116 |

Cinegy develops software solutions for collaborative workflow encompassing IP, capture, editing, and playout services tools, integrated into an active archive for full digital asset management.

At NAB 2018, Cinegy will introduce Cinegy Air PRO 12 broadcast automation and real-time, multi-channel video playout software for SD, HD and/or Ultra HD (4K) playout in a single, integrated suite.

Major customer-led improvements for Cinegy Air PRO 12 include a new cloud and VM-ready software licensing and deployment system; full support for the ultra-fast DANIEL2 GPU codec; the support of additional IP video standards adding SMPTE 2022-6 and NewTek’s NDI; and most importantly adding HDR functionality.

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Cinegy has partnered with Telos/Linear Acoustics to give Air Pro 12 the best loudness control software option to comply with all international loudness standards, even in difficult live scenarios.
Another feature of Cinegy Air PRO 12 is its ‘clean’ video and audio output option. Customers can now choose to generate clean video and audio outputs direct from the same Cinegy Air engine, permitting much more compact broadcast chains where requirements exist for master and origination output feeds.

First introduced in Cinegy Air PRO 11, the Air PRO 12 version of Cinegy Titler has benefitted from significant improvements to its CG template editing user interface. Cinegy Titler can now handle audio embedded inside video assets used within a scene or have discreet audio files attached as audio objects. From simple animated logos with audio jingles to complex scenes with conditional loops with dynamic audio playback, this all can now be easily achieved.


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In the new version, Cinegy Titler can insert multiple live inputs into a CG scene, which it receives via the Cinegy Air PRO engine. Now, with a single Cinegy Air PRO 12 playout engine, multiple camera or other live video sources can be used, positioned in 3D space and composited as a dynamic CG template in an Air PRO 12 playlist or triggered via separate CG control panels.

Cinegy Titler with its new audio, 3D DVE, and multi-PiP capabilities further blurs the line between what traditional video mixers would have been used for and what is now done with advanced, dynamic CG templates.

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