Tremor Video Launches Self-Service DSP Advancements

Programmatic video platform Tremor Video has implemented self-service DSP advancements to its platform featuring a modernized user interface (UI) and advanced tools that the company says “simplify and enhance clients’ experience in planning, executing and tracking their video advertising campaigns.”

“Traders are increasingly strapped for time and need to eliminate any busy work in orchestrating their video campaigns,” said Tremor Video’s CTO Tal Mor. “Tremor Video has automated the process to deliver greater workflow efficiency, while also enabling brands and agencies to optimize their audience targeting strategy and maximize overall campaign performance.”

Tremor Video said the data-driven enhancements “allow media planners to execute and measure campaigns more effectively by providing them with an environment built for operational efficiency.”

In addition, Tremor Video has released new reporting enhancements it says “provide more actionable campaign planning and optimization, increased granularity of insights and improved ease of use.”

The self-service platform includes a campaign-centric, single-page design that allows for a seamless and intuitive UI experience and gives the opportunity to:

  • Easily view a campaign and all placements in one unified page, including visuals that capture delivery and performance.
  • Manage an entire campaign within the same screen to better coordinate changes between placements.
  • Apply campaign-level settings across all placements at once to improve trafficking speed and consistency.

Tremor Video says advertisers can also expect “an improved audience discovery experience, allowing them to access audience scale directly in the UI to better strategize and quickly find new desired segments through expanded search capabilities.”


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