SportsNet NY powers primetime with robotics

Engineers at SportsNet NY needed to maximize the efficiency of their studios and staff during a seven hour nightly primetime production window. Furio robotics from Ross Video helped them by powering two studios operated by a single staffer. "We wouldn't have been able to man two studios in primetime if we didn't use robotics," said Sports Net NY senior director, Luis Pantoja.

Sports Net NY needed to man two studios in a primetime viewership window stretching from 5 p.m. to midnight — and it needed to do it as efficiently as possible. Managers at the home of the New York Mets found they could operate two studios at once with just one staffer, after installing Ross Video’s Furio robotics platform.

“The reason we use Robotics was the big word, ‘efficiency,'” said Luis Pantoja, senior director of SportsNet NY. “We wouldn’t have been able to man two studios in primetime if we didn’t use robotics.”

Robotics also helped maximize the effectiveness of the studios and staff, Pantoja said. “The fact that we have Furio in Studio 42 means that I can do a promo in there while I’m doing a show out of another studio, unmanned. One person does it all.

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“I’m very happy being able to go from one studio to another, call it up with one person and we’re good to go.”

Pantoja goes into more detail about powering primetime with robotics in this video.



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