Cavells To Receive NAB Engineering Awards

The awards to Garrison Cavell and Cindy Hutter Cavell will be presented at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 9.


AT&T Repack Plan Getting Positive Reviews

A new plan from AT&T on how best to repack television stations on a regional basis following completion of the incentive auction has received kudos from parts of the TV industry knowledgeable about what will be required. However, there appears to be a few missing pieces, the most glaring of which is the lack of leadership to shepherd the TV broadcasters, tower crews, vendors and others through the process. Read the first part of this Special Report here.


Stations, Tech Cope With Likely Repack Delay

Since it looks like the FCC will have to repeat its two-part incentive auction process to balance the money promised to broadcasters with what is raised from wireless carriers,broadcasters and their technology suppliers remain in the dark longer about which stations will have to move in the repack and to which channels. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It could help sync up the repack with an ATSC 3.0 rollout and provide more time to create the 36-month repack schedule. Some vendors say they could use the extra time to prepare for the expected demand. Read the second part of this Special Report here.

NAB 2015

TVN Celebrates Women In Technology

The accomplishments of TVNewsCheck’s annual Women in Technology honorees, including 2015 award winner Cindy Hutter Cavell (second from left), were celebrated at the NAB Show Tuesday evening in Las Vegas. Cavell was joined by (l-r):TVNewsCheck Publisher Kathy Haley; TVNewsCheck Women to Watch honoree Sara Kudrle, product marketing manager for infrastructure, monitoring and control within the Strategic Marketing Group of Grass Valley; and Harry Jessell, TVNewsCheck editor. (Photo by John Staley)


‘Hands On’ Defines Cindy Hutter Cavell

The recipient of this year’s TVNewsCheck’s Women in Technology Leadership Award, Cindy Hutter Cavell, doesn’t have an engineering degree. Instead, she’s leveraged her instinctual ability and on-the-job training into a 30-year career creating, implementing and directing business strategies across multiple platforms in engineering management posts at ABC News, NBC News, Fox Entertainment, Fox Television Stations, Gannett and the former Hearst Argyle Television.


Consider: One Market, One Master Control

TV stations in a market should band together and and create a facility that would provide centralized play-out services for all of the stations’ multiple program streams.The synergies could be huge, and would not be burdened with the heavy fiber connectivity costs that have discouraged regional and national centralcasting efforts.