Spanish-Language TV Shows, Films Now Streaming Free On Vizio

Vizio Inc. today announced the launch of 10 Spanish-speaking channels for its millions of SmartCast viewers across America. The channels include top-rated multicultural productions from around the world and popular shows dubbed into Spanish. The new linear channels can be found under the “Vizio Free Channels” section from the SmartCast Home screen and will complement Vizio’s […]

Cheddar Launches On Vizio SmartCast

Cheddar, the digital-first news network, is now streaming on SmartCast, Vizio’s award-winning Smart TV platform. With this launch, SmartCast users can now access Cheddar’s live linear channel for around-the-clock viewing for free directly on their Vizio televisions. Cheddar includes in-depth coverage of the business world and the biggest trending stories across, tech, innovation, business, politics, […]

Tru Optik Launches Self-Service Data Marketplace For Connected TV, Streaming Audio, Gaming Advertising

Tru Optik, an identity resolution provider across OTT and connected TV (CTV), today launched a new self-service platform for streaming media and connected device audience planning. The Data Marketplace will be made available directly to brands and agencies for the first time, as well as expand the features and capabilities it already provides to the […]

ViacomCBS Consolidating Video Into EyeQ

ViacomCBS is combining  its three big connected digital video offerings into ViacomCBS EyeQ, which the company said will give ad buyers simplified access to large-scale audiences. EyeQ includes video from CBS Interactive, Viacom Video and Pluto TV at a time when advertisers are looking to connected TV to reach viewers with targeted advertising as young consumers are cutting the cord and turning to streaming programming.

Google And Android TV Threaten Roku And Amazon For Connected TV Dominance

With the incumbent OTT operating systems at impasse with Peacock and HBO Max, Google finally has its opening into the living room, LightShed Partners says.


Linear Vs. Connected TV: Do Consumers Care?

Marketers are aware of a changing dynamic, with over half of buyers starting to move dollars out of linear and into CTV, according to the IAB. But consumers don’t necessarily see the difference in the two modes of TV delivery. According to a poll of over 1,100 Americans by Toluna and Tremor Video, 52% of people aged 18-34 and 54% of people 35-54 make no distinction between connected TV and cable or satellite TV. In other words, over half of young and middle-aged viewers simply call whatever they’re watching on their big screens “TV.”

Connected TV Seeing More Ad Spend

After a day of NewFronts panels in which multiple presenters talked about consumers’ accelerated migration from linear to streaming during the pandemic, the Interactive Advertising Bureau released its annual video ad spend study, which indicates that many buyers are starting to shift some of their broadcast and cable ad spend to connected TV.

U.S. Connected TV Homes Reach 80%

Leichtman Research Group study says fourth-fifths of households have at least one OTT-capable viewing appliance, up from 74% in 2018.

SpotX Adds Comprehensive Measurement And Attribution Suite To CTV Advertising Inventory

Global video advertising platform SpotX has expanded its Measurement and Attribution Suite. The offering gives advertisers the ability to accurately attribute ad spend across video channels including connected TV (CTV). SpotX says that “by uncovering valuable audience reach metrics like brand lift, incremental reach and frequency, and outcome-based measurement, advertisers can more accurately pinpoint the […]

Consumers Adding Free Streaming Services

Consumers are watching more streaming video and are starting to gravitate toward free services, according to a new study. According to Integral Ad Science’s second Streaming Wars survey, while 85% of consumers have access to a paid streaming service — Netflix is No. 1 — that’s up only 2 percentage points from IAS’s first survey.

Dailymotion Rolls Out Premium CTV Inventory For Media Buyers

As the streaming wars continue in 2020, advertisers have a new avenue to reach core audiences with a preference for content. Dailymotion, a Vivendi-owned video platform combining premium content and quality advertising solutions, says media buyers can now purchase premium connected television (CTV) inventory via the company’s proprietary ad platform. “In the evolving digital landscape, […]

FreeWheel: Most Marketers Use Advanced TV

A majority of marketers are using forms of advanced TV advertising to reach target audiences, according to a new survey for Comcast’s ad tech company FreeWheel conducted by Advertiser Perceptions. The survey of about 300 marketers and agencies found that 66% of respondents have bought advertising on over-the-top or connected TV.

Roku Accounted For 30% Of All 1Q Connected TV Device Sales In U.S.

Roku Veterans Launching CTV Ad Network

A pair of veterans of the OTT platform Roku are launching a new advertising network, focusing on connected TV. The new company, called Tetra TV, will pool video inventory from more than 100 streaming video channels. Advertisers will be able to buy inventory across platforms, with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Playstation and Xbox on board as partners.

Connected TV Up, Broadcast Has Best Metrics

Connected TV campaigns continue to rise in impressions and usage, thanks to broadcast content. Innovid, the video advertising platform for marketers and agencies, says 60% of all households will have connected TV in two years, up from 55% now. Broadcast content continues to produce the best overall advertising metrics.

Ads On Connected TVs More Attractive

Extreme Reach’s 3Q Video Advertising Benchmarks Report says that impressions delivered in digital videos over connected TV rose 170% year over year. Connected TV share of the ads served rose 38%, compared to 31% for mobile and 21% for desktop. Tablets, once popular, accounted for just 9% of impressions.

2018 Connected TV Ad Spend To Hit $8.2B

Advertising on connected TV is poised to nearly double this year  — to $8.2 billion, according to Tru Optik. The video/data management company says it will climb to’$13.3 billion in 2019 and $20.1 billion in 2020. It was $4.7 billion a year ago.

Connected-TV Ad Spend Accelerating

As consumers embrace video consumed on their TV sets, but delivered through internet-connected devices, the connected TV ad market continues to follow suit. According to Videology’s data, the most popular devices running these ads are Roku boxes, video game consoles like the Xbox, the Amazon Fire TV products, followed by smart TV sets.

OTT Growth Helped By Connected TV

Over-the-top video keeps growing, largely due to connected TV users. Overall gains are coming at the expense of pay TV. eMarketer estimates there will be 193.3 million OTT users in 2017, with 168.1 million U.S. connected TV users. By way of comparison, Nielsen says there were 292.4 million users of live and time-shifted TV viewing in the first quarter of this year.

Study: Roku Leads U.S. Connected-TV Market

In 2017, 38.9 million Americans will use a Roku at least once per month, up 19% over last year, making it the No. 1 connected-TV device brand in the U.S., according to a new study from research firm eMarketer. That puts Roku ahead of Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV in terms of total users, eMarketer says.

Connected TV Predicted To Grow 17% In ’16

Connected TV usage will continue to climb in the coming years — growing 17% this year and 11% in 2017. Gaming connected consoles will still command the most users — 54.3 million, according to eMarketer, a 5.1% improvement from a year ago. Google Chromecast, as a connected TV device, will see the greatest growth — up 32.4% to 30.2 million.

Connected TV Usage To Hit 200M By 2019

Connected TV users will continue to rise over the next five years — but at slower growth rates as it reaches higher U.S. penetration. By 2019, U.S. home penetration of connected TV users will rise to 78.1% (97.3 million homes) — up from 56.6% this year, according to eMarketer

Connected TV Devices Reach Tipping Point

According to The NPD Group, half of Internet-connected homes in the U.S. have a device that connects their television to the Internet (the tally includes Internet-enabled TVs, as well as separate devices Blu-Ray disc players, video game consoles and commercial streaming media players, that use the TV as a screen). In total, 46 million homes had some sort of connected-TV device in the second quarter of this year, up four million from the same period last year, according to NPD.

ANA: Connected TV Viewing Rises Sharply

Viewing with over-the-top streaming devices on connected TV sets is rising sharply — 380% in the first quarter of this year — yet engagement in ads on these platforms remains low, according to a recent study by Freewheel cited by the ANA/BrightLine research.

Connected Homes Show Continued Growth

Connected TV homes continue to make gains in the TV marketplace. Now 45% of TV sets sold in the U.S. are connected TVs — up from 34% a year ago and 24% two years ago, according to The NPD Group. And those who made those purchases are increasingly activating their connected TV sets: 69% of those Internet-capable TVs are connected, up from 45% two years ago.


Don’t Believe All The Connected TV Hype

Mark Goldman, CEO, Extend.TV: “From Apple TV to Chromecast, and Roku to Amazon Fire, there’s a lot of talk in the ad world about connected TV. On publications all over the Web, it’s billed as the next hot platform for brands to engage their consumers. But should advertisers believe the connected TV hype? My answer may be surprising coming from a media and ad-tech vet. But I would say no — at least not yet. Why? There’s simply no audience for advertisers on connected TV.”

Connected TV Ownership Hits Half A Billion

Worldwide ownership of Connected TV Devices (including smart TVs, smart Blu-ray players, IP-enabled game consoles and digital media streamers) grew 7% quarter-on-quarter in 2Q 2014 and 34% versus the same period in 2013 to reach 500 million units, according to Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service report, Global Connected TV Device Tracker: Q2 2014.


Apple TV Refresh Expected Next Week

People familiar with the company’s plans say that Apple TV is scheduled for an internal overhaul on Sept. 18, the same day Apple releases its iOS 7 mobile operating software.

Connected TV Users More Likely To Cut Cord

Of the TV watchers surveyed who said they’re highly inclined to drop their pay TV subscription service, 8.8% are connected TV users, compared to the 3.5% who are non-connected TV users, according to a new report by The Diffusion Group.

Streaming’s Past And Connected TV’s Future

As connected televisions start to take over living rooms around the world, streaming media is becoming a more important piece of the media landscape. The Guardian looks at streaming media from its earliest efforts in 1995 to today, and how it needs to overcome interoperability issues and the quality gap to trigger the mass adoption of connected TV.


Online TV Viewers More Receptive To Ads

Estimates are that around three-quarters of North American TV homes will have smart, Internet-connected TV sets and/or equipment — around 87 million of them — in four years. But what does it really mean for TV marketers and interactive advertising?

Yahoo, Samsung Expand Connected TV Deal


What’s Stopping Connected TV?

A few weeks ago, an industry study found that more people are watching digital video on their connected TVs than on their computers. In some circles this was seen as a major victory for connected TV, and a sign that the format was finally maturing. Truthfully, both of these claims are premature, as they do not align with what the study actually reveals about connected TV users.

Apple Talking To Parts Suppliers For Apple TV

More evidence Apple is gearing up to launch its new Apple TV smart TV. It has contacted at least one major Asian supplier about purchasing television display components, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster. He told investors on Tuesday that he had recently spoken to a “major TV component supplier” that Apple had contacted “regarding various capabilities of their television display components.”


Broadcasters Must Wise Up About Smart TV

At last month’s CES, three technologies showed significant progress: connected TV, smart TV and TV Everywhere. It’s likely the three will converge. If so, they’ll arrive in one massive wave that could completely disrupt the way people watch TV — and threaten the way broadcasters do business. Broadcasters must figure out how to catch the wave.

Connected TV, 3D Offer Future Opportunities

The marketplace for televisions and mobile devices with internet capabilities — or “connected” devices — is booming; by 2015 the amount of consumers with a connected device will triple. With that comes numerous opportunities for ways of receiving content, changing the viewing landscape, according to a panel at the Connected TV and 3D: Supplying the Demand conference Tuesday in New York.

Boxee Gets $16.5M To Expand Connected TV

Google’s Goal: Make YouTube A TV Network

YouTube wants to be the boob tube. Google is pitching YouTube not only as a popular Web destination, but as a content channel to have a place in the living room alongside TV networks like ABC, CBS and NBC. As Google targets the TV set, it is also making a play for TV-sized ad buys rather than smaller online budgets.