NAB: Ad Clarification Opponents All Wrong

The National Association of Broadcasters says its opponents have given the FCC no reason to deny NAB’s request that it clarify its disclosure requirements for third-party political ads and follow NAB’s “rationally tailored approach.”

Small Market TV Exchange Rebrands, Expands

Now open to more stations in small and mid-size markets (DMAs 50+), NAB has renamed the former Small Market Television Exchange to the NAB Sales and Management Television Exchange (SMTE). It will be held this year in Louisville, Ky., on Sept. 24-25.

LeGeyt Succeeds Ornelas As NAB COO

COO Chris Ornelas leaving to become Beasley Media Group general counsel; NAB Government Relations head Curtis LeGeyt is promoted to succeed him. Also, April Carty-Sipp, Shawn Donilon and Trish Johnson all were bumped up to executive vice presidents.

NCTA Backs NAB FCC Challenge

Cable operators are on the same page as broadcasters when it comes to the FCC’s approach to political ad disclosures.


TVN Tech | At CES, NextGen TV’s Coming Out Party

Next week’s CES in Las Vegas will once again take over the Strip with a sprawling, frenetic glimpse into tomorrow’s consumer technology. This time, NextGen TV will make its show floor debut, and hopes are high consumers will notice.

Broadcasters Win Capitol Hill’s TV Lobbying Wars

Congress is handing traditional broadcasters such as CBS and ABC a surprise victory in a contentious, multimillion-dollar TV lobbying fight by letting key parts of a 31-year-old satellite TV law die.

NAB: FCC’s VHF Fees Need To Be Changed

The trade group tells the commission it should revise proposed regulatory fees for VHF stations so that they “more accurately reflect their actual population served.”

NAB Warns Of 6 GHz ENG Interference

Broadcasters are asking the FCC to make sure it protects incumbent newsgathering operations in the 6 GHz midband spectrum it is eyeing for unlicensed use.


NAB Challenges FCC Issue Ad Rules

Last month, the FCC issued what it termed a “clarification” of the obligations of broadcasters to disclose in their public inspection files each and every candidate and issue discussed in any federal issue ad. The NAB has filed a petition for reconsideration of the clarification. Hearst Television, Graham Media, Nexstar, Fox, Tegna and Scripps joined the NAB in filing the petition.

NAB Joins FCC In Challenging Third Circuit

The National Association of Broadcasters has joined with the FCC in seeking a full court hearing of the U.S. Court of Appeals’ three-judge panel decision vacating most of the FCC’s broadcast deregulation decision. Broadcasters had backed that decision and would have preferred even more deregulation.

NAB Pushes STELAR Expiration

With the clock ticking down on the renewal, or sunset, of the STELAR compulsory license, the National Association of Broadcasters bought a Facebook ad flight in key markets pushing for the license’s expiration. And while the ads have not been carrying a “political advertising” disclaimer, NAB said they would going forward.

Broadcasters To FCC: Update Regs For 3.0

Commercial and public broadcasters are asking the FCC to relax its rules to allow them to deploy more transmitters at the edge of their service areas as they build out for ATSC 3.0.

Local TV/Radio Contributes $1.2 Trillion To GDP

A new report finds 2.47 million jobs are attributable to the commercial broadcast industry.

New Approach For PILOT’s Innovation Challenge

The NAB initiative will fund teams to build a working prototype and present at the 2020 NAB Show. Applicants must submit their proposal by Oct. 18.

NAB Calls AT&T STELAR Message ‘Misleading’

The association’s CEO Gordon Smith says: “DirecTV is doing a serious disservice to both its customers and to Congress by running these misleading messages. We urge you to reconsider … and to work with local broadcasters to ensure that all DirecTV customers receive their network programming from local TV affiliates.”

NAB Now Owns Its New Headquarters

The association plans to relocate to its new home in Washington at 1 M Street S.E. near Nationals Park by early 2020.

NAB Launches 2019 Congressional PSAs

The public service program features 303 members of Congress and their family members.

Smith: Big Tech Needs Public Interest Scrutiny

National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon Smith said the government should start applying a public interest standard to Google and Facebook and other Big Tech titans. That was in an interview for C-SPAN’s Communicators series.

Smullin to Receive NAB’s Chuck Sherman TV Leadership Award

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) will honor Patricia Smullin with the Chuck Sherman Television Leadership Award at the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE), held September 12 – 14 in Austin, Texas. “Patsy’s passion for excellence in small market local television is unmatched,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “She exemplifies the […]


Jessell | Let’s Do Away With Anti-Retrans Quinquennials

Every five years, satellite operators ask Congress to renew the law that gives them the right to import network affiliated broadcast signals into “white areas” where subscribers cannot get local affiliates off air. And every five years, the operators and their cable allies try to dirty the bill with provisions that will make it more difficult for broadcasters to negotiate for retransmisson consent fees. NAB’s job is clear: Convince Congress to kill the renewal legislation or pass a “clean” bill and make it permanent.

NAB Ups Ahmed To Media Relations VP

The association’s director of media relations, Zamir Ahmed, is promoted. He will shape messaging for NAB communications in the public policy arena and serve as an occasional spokesman in dealing with trade and consumer press.

Jordan Wertlieb Elected NAB Joint Board Chair

In addition, Emily Barr becomes TV chair and David Santrella was elected radio chair.

NAB Hits Opposition To FCC Ownership Changes

When it comes to those opposing modifications to the FCC’s media ownership rules, the National Association of Broadcasters is not holding back in its most recent comments. The organization wrote that comments submitted in opposition to reform are “fundamentally backward” in this new media marketplace.

Michelle Duke Named NABLF President

She is promoted from vice president to succeed the retiring Marcellus Alexander as head of the NAB Leadership Foundation.


NAB Show Rebooting For The Future

While most broadcasters and equipment vendors still view the annual NAB Show as an essential stop, attendance and exhibitors have declined the past few years. Show organizers are being proactive by tweaking the schedule of next year’s show in an effort to attract fresh traffic.

NAB Promotes Trish Johnson To CFO

NAB announced the promotion of Trish Johnson to chief financial officer and senior vice president, finance effective today. Johnson, who joined NAB in March 2017, previously was SVP and controller, finance. Johnson has led the NAB finance department since June 2017 and was promoted to senior vice president and controller, finance in September 2017. In […]

NAB Slams Opposition To Broadcast Vacant Channel Use

Broadcasters have told the FCC not to pay attention to the tech companies seeking to harpoon the great white (spaces) whale by preventing broadcasters from using vacant channels to help in the transition to next-gen ATSC 3.0 TV transmissions. That came in a call this week between NAB execs and officials at the FCC’s Media Bureau and Incentive Auction Task Force.

Broadcasters, DBS Battle Over Carriage At FCC


Broadcasters and satellite operators are at odds over who would be burdening whom under a new carriage election proposal the FCC is considering. The NAB and NCTA have joined in proposing changes to the carriage election — must carry or retrans — process, which the FCC is looking to streamline as part of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s deregulatory weed-whacking initiative.


NAB Works To Kill Bill That Threatens Retrans

Broadcasters, led by the NAB, are urging lawmakers to let the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization, or STELAR, expire on Dec. 31. STELAR is at the top of NAB’s legislative hit list in part because it has morphed into a tool that one company in particular — DirecTV — has been using to bypass stations and retransmission consent fees in up to a dozen markets. But of larger concern is that cable and satellite operators will use the legislation as a vehicle to weaken broadcasters’ retransmission consent rights.

NAB Show To Highlight ‘In-Vehicle Experience’

The new exhibit area will offer educational sessions and live demonstrations that showcase content development, delivery and monetization opportunities related to connected vehicles.

NAB Show Announces Dates For 2020

A new date pattern shifts the exhibit floor opening to Sunday from the traditional Monday.

NAB Objects To FCC’s 6 GHz Plan

Broadcasters are telling the FCC its proposal to open up the 6 GHz spectrum for unlicensed wireless is not ready for prime time, and may never be. Broadcasters use the band for auxiliary (BAS) operations and NAB says the FCC’s proposed interference protections — limiting it to lower-power, indoor operations — miss the mark, particularly since some camera transmitters used to relay footage back to stations also operate indoors and at low power, so they would be in the interference line of fire even with those limitations on unlicensed devices.

Broadcasters Spent $20M Lobbying DC In 2018

The National Association of Broadcasters continued to lead the industry’s lobbying charge in 2018, spending $14.16 million on lobbying efforts last year, according to an Inside Radio review of disclosure filings. That represented an 8% decline compared to what the NAB allocated to lobbying in 2017. The reports also show the NAB reduced its lobbying spending by 23% from 2016 to 2018.

NAB 2019

NAB To Honor Tom Taylor At NAB Show

The National Association of Broadcasters will present its Spirit of Broadcasting Award to veteran radio industry reporter Tom Taylor during the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Taylor will accept the award on Monday, April 8, at the NAB Show Opening. Tom Taylor recently retired after a three-decade career covering radio. His journalism career included stints as editor […]

NAB To Host Spanish Broadcasting Twitter Chat

The National Association of Broadcasters’ “We Are Broadcasters” initiative will host a Twitter Chat Jan. 15 at 1 p.m. ET on the role of Spanish-language broadcasting. Online to chat about the “explosion” of Spanish-language broadcast content will be Fernando Pizzaro, Washington correspondent for Univision, and former Univision journalist Maria Elena Salinas.

FCC Seeks Comment On Retrans Compromise

No, broadcasters and cable operators have not agreed that either the must-carry/retrans regime is still good law (broadcasters) or an anachronistic thumb on the competitive scale (cable), but the FCC has sought comment on a joint proposal by both those camps for updating how TV stations notify MVPDs of whether they are electing either mandatory carriage (must carry) or will try to negotiate a fee for MVPD carriage of their signals (retransmission consent), with the possibility of losing carriage if they can’t strike a deal.

NAB Education Foundation Elects Brown As Chair

The NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) has elected board member and president of Bonneville International Corp., Darrell K. Brown, as chairman of its board of directors, effective Jan. 1, 2019. Brown assumes the seat previously occupied by Patrick Communications President Larry Patrick, who served as chairman since 2015. Brown oversees Bonneville’s 22 radio stations in the Denver, Phoenix, Sacramento, […]

NABEF Accepting Applications For 2019 Technology Apprenticeship Program

The NAB Education Foundation (NABEF) is accepting applications for the 2019 Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP). TAP provides graduating college seniors with the connections and experience to start successful careers in media technology. Over the course of six months, participants attend NAB Show in Las Vegas; complete a paid, two-month apprenticeship at a radio or television station; become Certified Broadcast Technologists through […]

NAB To FCC: Don’t Jeopardize C-Band

NAB has called on the FCC to recognize the important role C-band plays in content delivery for radio and television stations, MVPDs and OTT operators, to be judicious in the way it makes decisions about reallocating part of the band for wireless use and not to take steps that will degrade C-band satellite service by allowing shared use in the non-reallocated part of the band.


NPG Launching First Small-Market 3.0 Test

NPG is partnering with the NAB and Pearl TV alliance of broadcasters to launch the new 3.0 standard in Santa Barbara on ABC affiliate KSBB. The test is designed to allow broadcasters in the nation’s mid-to-smaller markets see exactly how next-gen TV will enhance services for local viewers and for broadcasters.