Nexstar’s Perry Sook On The Future of News, TV Station Business, NFL, NewsNation

Nexstar CEO Perry Sook shares context on the decision to convert WGN America to NewsNation, including details on how 198 Nexstar TV stations and 5,500 journalists feed, support and promote the fledgling news network.

Nexstar CEO Fiddles With Morning Show While NewsNation Burns

NATPE 2020

NATPE 2020 | Sook Sees Plenty Of Promise For OTA, Nexstar

Nexstar CEO and President Perry Sook says leagues like the NBA may turn to broadcasters for their over-the-air advantage amid underperforming cable ratings, and that NextGen TV is the greatest tool a TV group can use “to control its destiny.” And he’s bullish about Nexstar’s biggest competitive advantage — its local news and sales forces.

NATPE Miami To Relaunch Iris Awards

Soledad O’Brien, Mort Marcus, Ira Bernstein and Perry Sook will be honored at the 2020 show, while Nexstar CEO Perry Sook will keynote the Station Group Summit.


Group Chiefs Bullish On Automation, Impressions

Leaders from Nexstar, Gray and Meredith expressed hope that automation and impressions-based selling may help curb a downward trend in spot TV sales, but broadcasters must avoid being “held hostage” to tech companies in the process. L-r: Patrick McCreery of Meredith, Perry Sook of Nexstar and Pat LaPlatney of Gray. (Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross)


Execs: Station Trading Outlook Uncertain In 2020

The FCC isn’t likely to loosen ownership restrictions anytime soon, said leaders from Nexstar, Gray and Meredith last week, but outside money is likely to continue coming into the industry while the ownership cap holds steady. L-r: Patrick McCreery of Meredith, Perry Sook of Nexstar and Pat LaPlatney of Gray. (Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross)


Sook And Nexstar Take Center Stage

Perry Sook (center), CEO of Nexstar Media Group, holds the Station Group of the Year Award for 2019 presented by TVNewsCheck on Wednesday during TVN’s TV2020 conference in New York. Sook is flanked by Kathy Haley, TVN publisher, and Harry Jessell, TVN editor. Nexstar was chosen in recognition of its ascendancy to the top of the broadcasting charts by nearly all measures. (Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross)


Station Group Of The Year | Nexstar: Making The Most Of Having The Most

The Nexstar Media Group is TVNewsCheck’s Station Group of the Year for 2019. When it closed on its merger with Tribune last month, Nexstar Media Group became the nation’s largest station group by most measures. It operates in 115 markets in 43 states covering 63% of TV households — from Los Angeles (DMA 2) to San Angelo, Texas (DMA 195). But with the FCC blocking its path into new markets, it will have to find new ways to grow.


Station Group Of The Year | Sook: A Long, Long Way From Punxsutawney

With little more than a love of broadcasting and burning entrepreneurial ambition, Perry Sook went forth from small-town Pennsylvania radio to build the largest TV station group in the land: Nexstar Media Group, TVNewsCheck’s Station Group of the Year.


TV Group Leaders To Highlight TV2020

Executives from Nexstar, Gray, E.W. Scripps and Meredith will weigh in on key issues facing broadcast from regulation to retrans as well as reviewing the outlook on monetizing TV’s future.

Nexstar Shareholders Reject Sook Pay Plan

For the second straight year, shareholders have rejected a multimillion-dollar pay package for the CEO of the largest owner of television stations in the nation. At issue was $41.4 million in future stock awards to Nexstar Media Group CEO Perry A. Sook under a four-year contract extension he signed in January.

TVN Names Nexstar TV Group Of The Year

Led by Perry Sook, Nexstar has been from its inception in 1996 a voracious consolidator. When it closes on Tribune Media later this year, it will operate 216 stations in 118 markets covering 63% of U.S. TV homes, the most allowed under current FCC rules.

Nexstar’s Sook To FCC: Set Cap At 78% ASAP

The Nexstar CEO says while the FCC’s ownership coverage cap is effectively at 78% now, broadcasters would like the Pai FCC to lock it in at that level so that some future FCC with a Democratic majority cannot easily reset it at 39% by once again repealing the UHF discount.


WGN’s Wild Welcome For Nexstar Brass

Nexstar’s Sook Receives 2019 Golden Mike Award

A record crowd at the Broadcasters Foundation’s annual Golden Mike Award dinner feted Perry Sook, the founder of Nexstar Media Group, who praised the expanding mission of the charity and pledged a $100,000 donation to further its work.

NBC’s Craig Melvin To Host Golden Mike Gala

The black-tie event honoring Nexstar Media Group’s Perry A. Sook raises funds for broadcasters in need and takes place March 6 in New York, with entertainment by Grammy-winning duo Sugarland.

Nexstar Locks In Perry Sook Through Feb. 2023

The station group extends the contract of its founder, chairman, president and CEO in the wake of its $4.1 billion acquisition of Tribune Media.

Nexstar’s Sook Stays Focused On The Local

Perry Sook, the CEO of Texas-based Nexstar Media Group, is a seasoned broadcast TV executive who steered Nexstar’s $4.1 billion acquisition of Tribune Media that will make it the largest owner of TV stations in the country. He is passionately preaching the gospel of local.


Jessell | Sook & Nexstar Sound The Right Note For Tribune

Despite all the shots I have taken at Sinclair’s David Smith for his top-down meddling in news and for souring the regulatory climate in Washington, I like the idea of his owning Tribune. However, I think I like the idea of Nexstar’s Perry Sook owning Tribune even more. He can better make the case in Washington that mega-station groups are good for the country; he will be a better steward of Tribune’s news operations and will be just as committed as Smith in advancing ATSC 3.0 datacasting.

Perry Sook To Receive Golden Mike Award

The Nexstar Media Group executive will be honored by the Broadcasters Foundation of America at its annual fundraising gala in New York in March.

Perry Sook To Receive Golden Mike Award

The Nexstar Media Group executive will be honored by the Broadcasters Foundation of America at its annual fundraising gala in New York in March.

TVN’S TV2020

On Group CEOs Minds: FCC Cap, 3.0, Live Programming

Not all broadcasters believe that the cap should go away completely. Graham’s Emily Barr: “The problem is, 39% seems wrong and 100% seems wrong.” Other topics at the TV2020 conference Wednesday: The panelists were extremely bullish on how much live programming will play into the overall health of the broadcast industry. And they expressed enthusiasm for ATSC 3.0, saying that there is no need for a solid business 3.0 business plan to make sense of the massive initiative. L-r: TVNewsCheck’s Harry Jessell, Graham Media’s Emily Barr, Nexstar’s Perry Sook, Fox Television Stations’ Jack Abernethy and Gray’s Hilton Howell. (Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross)

Nexstar May Be Next To Chase Tribune

Perry Sook’s Nexstar Media Group may be hoping to succeed with Tribune Media where Sinclair Broadcasting failed. The chief executive of the second-largest TV station owner in the country met last week with the Justice Department’s antitrust boss, sources say.

TV Group CEOs To Highlight TV2020

The top executives of four TV station groups will survey the state of the TV broadcast business and its major growth opportunities at TVNewsCheck’s third annual TV2020: Monetizing the Future conference in New York. Jack Abernethy, CEO of Fox Television Stations; Perry Sook, chairman, president and CEO of Nexstar Media Group; Hilton Howell, chairman, president […]


Frontline Recollections Of Birth Of Retrans

Perry Sook, CEO of Nexstar Broadcasting negotiated one of the earliest retrans deals with an MVPD in 2005 Since Sook took his stand, retrans has grown into a powerful second revenue stream, contributing $40 billion to the top line of the industry. It has kept broadcasting in the TV game. Here, Sook talks about how this vital second revenue stream came to be and its prospects for the immediate future.


TVB’s Sook Emphasizes Strength Of Local TV

The trade group’s chairman and CEO of Nexstar Media Group sayslocal broadcast television remains the most powerful place to be within the media and advertising ecosphere. Our local news programming touches the daily lives of our viewers and connects people to their communities.”



Nexstar’s Perry Sook: An Industry Avatar

On Monday, May 22, Perry A. Sook, chairman, president and CEO of Nexstar Media Group Inc., becomes MFM’s latest Avatar Award recipient. He joins the associations’ former Avatar honorees as an exemplar of leadership who demonstrates a commitment to the media community as well as someone who has led his or her company to greater success.

Tribune Didn’t Make Sense For Nexstar

Nexstar CEO Perry Sook told analysts today: “We made an appraisal of Tribune at some point,” he said. “I think you can safely assume since we weren’t announced as the winning bidder yesterday it’s because the price crossed our walking-away threshold.”

Nexstar’s Sook To Receive MFM Avatar Award

The station group’s CEO will receive the organization’s highest honor at Media Finance Focus 2017, which will be held May 22-24 in Orlando.



David Smith: 3.0 The Only Avenue To Growth

The head of Sinclair Broadcast Group makes a powerful argument for ATSC 3.0. He believes it will spawn many enhancements and businesses that will more than justify the “immaterial” cost of implementation, especially the ability to deliver targeted advertising. There’s room for skepticism, but not enough to stop broadcasters from moving briskly ahead with the technology.


3 Of 4 Broadcast CEOs Agree: 3.0 Is A Winner

At last week’s TV2020 conference, TVNewsCheck Editor Harry Jessell sat down with station group heads Jack Abernethy of Fox, Pat LaPlatney of Raycom, David Smith of Sinclair  and Perry Sook of Nexstar for a nuts-and-bolts discussion of the money-making potential of ATSC 3.0. Abernethy liked the technology, but was skeptical about the business models. However, the other three said adopting the new technology is a no-brainer. Said Sook: “It’s the next technological evolution of our business. I think it’s just a matter now of how fast we can roll things out.” Watch the session above.

TVN'S TV2020

Abernethy: Fox Not Yet Ready To Embrace 3.0

AbernethyBut three other major stations group heads led by David Smith of Sinclair expressed unqualified enthusiasm for implementing the new broadcast standard, saying it will transform broadcasting into a fast-growing business again. “It’s essential for this industry to survive to have ATSC 3.0 in the marketplace as fast as possible,” said Smith.


Nexstar Has Booked 2/3 Of Political Target

Nexstar Broadcasting Group has already has taken orders for more than two thirds of its 2016 political ad spending target, CEO Perry Sook said on Wednesday, but he stopped short of raising the goal. The company planned to tell investors at an investment conference later in the day that it was standing by the target for $100 million in political revenue for the year.

Smith, Sook, LaPlatney On Tap For 3.0 Confab

One highlight of TVNewsCheck’s Nov. 9-10 TV2020 conference on the prospects for Next Gen TV will be the CEO panel featuring David Smith of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Perry Sook of Nexstar Broadcasting Group and Pat LaPlatney of Raycom Media.



The OTT Skinny: Good For Affils, If Money Is

It’s in the network affiliates’ interest to nurture some of these new skinny bundles by supplying them with their signals, even if it is on terms dictated by their networks. It’s a hedge against cord cutting and it’s another avenue into the OTT and mobile world where younger audiences await. Here’s the caveat: the affiliates’ revenue from the OTT providers — their end of whatever the networks negotiate — must be comparable to the net retrans they are getting from cable and satellite.

Ryvicker, Amy, Sook All Gung Ho For 3.0

The proposed next-gen TV standard is endorsed by Wells Fargo securities analyst Marci Ryvicker and her S&P Global panelists: Sinclair’s David Amy and Nexstar’s Perry Sook. Said Ryvicker: “For me, I only see it as a good thing. I can’t put a cash flow on it. I can’t put a multiple on it. I just know it’s better than staying at 1.0.”  Amy: “It will forever change the way viewers consume our product.” Sook said he was especially interested in the potential for datacasting.


Nexstar’s Perry Sook Is Cool To OTT

“I’m not sure [OTT] will be a bigger thing in five years than it is today,” the broadcast group CEO says. He adds that he’s focused on providing marketing services in all forms to local business. “At our base, we are a local service business,” he said. “Local businesses are crying out for help here” and Nexstar wants “a larger share of their wallet than just their ad dollars.” Read full coverage of the Borrell Local Online Ad Conference here.


For Legacy Media CEOs, Digital Is The Future

The CEOs of GateHouse Media, Townsquare Media and The Dallas Morning News framed out their companies’ respective futures at Borrell Associates’ conference on Tuesday, and digital was the cornerstone common denominator. A look at how Kirk Davis, Steven Price and Jim Moroney see digital diversification as fundamental to their long-term strategies.


Nexstar’s Sook Named Borrell Award Winner

The founder, CEO and chairman of Nexstar Broadcasting Group received Borrell’s Award of Merit in recognition of his aggressive approach to building out Nexstar’s digital operations, including the acquisition of various digital publishing, video advertising, mobile and programmatic platforms.


At 39%, Sook, Smith Set Different Courses

Now that Nexstar has signed a definitive agreement to absorb Media General for $4.6 billion, Nexstar joins Sinclair in having hit the FCC ceiling on station ownership. The groups CEOs — Perry Sook and David Smith, respectively — have a lot in common, but their post-consolidation strategies are diverging. Smith wants Sinclair to be a national programmer; Sook simply wants to get the most out of what he’s got.