KDVR Denver Debate Promo A Knockout

FBN Fans Most Likely to Watch Entire Debate


Final Debate Is Third Most Watched Ever

The debate from Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, attracted 71.6 million viewers, exceeding the 66.5 million people who watched the second debate. The first time these two candidates met on stage in September, the audience of 84 million set a viewership record, Nielsen said Thursday.

Fox’s Wallace Makes News With Follow-Up

Chris Wallace walked the finest of lines during a campaign where debate moderators received an intense focus. As the first-ever general election moderator of Fox News, he had the hopes of an organization in the midst of a tough year riding on him along with additional baggage. Noting Trump’s claims Wednesday night that the election was being rigged against him, Wallace asked the Republican whether he would accept the results win or lose, noting that GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said that he would. When Trump answered that “we will look at it at the time,” Wallace seemed incredulous.

Tapper Blasts Questions Leak To Clinton

Jake Tapper of CNN was a moderator of a March 13 Democratic town hall event in which Hillary Clinton appears to have gotten an unfair advantage. As disclosed earlier this week in a WikiLeaks trove of emails relating to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, the Clinton campaign received word from then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile that a death-penalty question was on tap for the event. “To find out that someone was unethically helping the Clinton campaign — tipping them off — is just very, very upsetting,” Tapper said.

Early Numbers Show Drop From First Debate

Presidential Debate 2 scored about 60.3 million viewers last night, failing to eclipse the historic 84 million who’d tuned in for the first debate last month.

Trump Suggests Debate Mods Favored Clinton

A debate full of personal swipes exchanged by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton also included Trump’s snarky suggestion that moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were favoring Clinton.


CNN, ABC Feuding Over Next Debate?

Anderson Cooper — who has just signed a new long-term deal with CNN — and ABC’s Martha Raddatz are moderating Sunday’s town-hall debate together, and, sources say, the rival network anchors are at odds over who gets to grill the candidates on the most blistering topics.

Nets Draw On Facebook Ahead Of Town Hall

ABC News and CNN are both using Facebook to solicit feedback ahead of next weekend’s town-hall style presidential debate.

NBC Leads Early Debate Stats

In early numbers, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox averaged a combined 42.4 million total viewers for last night’s first presidential debate from 9-11 p.m. NBC led with an average 15.6 million viewers, followed by ABC with 11.6 million, CBS with 10.2 million, and Fox with 5 million. Nielsen will release final stats later this afternoon.

NBC’s Holt Worked To Keep Control Of Debate

Lester Holt asked questions about job creation and home-grown terrorism in Monday’s first debate, and also hit on specific issues regarding the birther controversy, Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns and Clinton’s email scandal. The sole journalist onstage, Holt was responsible for the questions asked and for steering the conversation.

Increased Presidential Debate Access From Univision

As part of what it calls its “ongoing commitment to inform and empower Hispanic America across the nation,” Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) today announced that it is going to provide […]

A Moment Of Truth For Debate Moderators

News outlets and fact-checking sites can separate truth from fable after a debate, but it falls to the moderator to interject in the moment when a candidate lies.

Stephanopoulos To Lead ABC Debate Coverage


As Debate Nears, Spotlight Is On Lester Holt

Dylan Byers: “On Monday, the NBC Nightly News anchor will preside over what may be the most highly anticipated presidential debate in American history. If Holt does anything less than a perfect job, he will likely be pilloried like Matt Lauer and the CNBC anchors before him. But if he gives a command performance, he will, at least for a moment, be a national icon.”

Advertisers Flock To Presidential Debates

The price to take part isn’t cheap – though it is considerably less dear than a Super Bowl berth. CBS is seeking between $200,000 and $225,000 for a 30-second ad during its post-debate coverage, according to people familiar with the matter. The cable news networks, meanwhile, are prodding advertisers who want to run commercials adjacent to the debate to buy larger packages of ad inventory in exchange for the access.

Twitter To Live Stream Presidential Debates

There’s hardly a platform on which Americans won’t be able to see Hillary Clinton squaring off against Donald Trump in the three presidential debates. Twitter is now in the game via a deal with Bloomberg to live stream its coverage, and the form will be the same as its streaming of NFL games.

Baier, Kelly To Co-Anchor FNC Debate Coverage

Ad Buyers: First Debate Will Hurt NFL Ratings

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Sept. 26 debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to reduce ratings for ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Ad buyers are predicting about 10.3 million to 11 million viewers, which would be down 15% to 20% from last year’s average Monday Night Football rating. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

Facebook, ABC Partner On Debate Streams

The deal will cover the three presidential debates and the vice-presidential debate, too. The streams build on earlier live streaming of the party conventions, and they won’t carry any advertising, as ABC News wants to see how many viewers engage with the content on the outside platform.

RTDNA Calls For Transparency Question At Debates

Donald Trump: Debate System Is Rigged

In a series of interviews over the past week, the Republican nominee has asserted that “the system is being rigged” against him. The first of three scheduled debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton will be held on Sept. 26, with NBC’s Lester Holt as the journalist questioning the candidates.

Trump Wants To Drop Debate Moderators

In an interview Monday on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Donald Trump predicted the upcoming presidential debates would be “very unfair,” and suggested doing away with moderators entirely. “Let Hillary and I sit there and just debate,” he said.

Presidential Debate Moderators Announced

NBC’s Lester Holt will moderate the first scheduled presidential debate on Sept. 26. ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are doing the second and Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace the third.

Nets Brace For Trump-Clinton Debate Decision

With only three presidential debates and one vice presidential contest, some network stars are sure to be left out in the cold in what will be must-watch moments of the campaign season. Picking debate moderators is always a tough business, and today’s polarized, increasingly opinion-based media raises serious questions about whether objective, trusted and credible moderators can be found.

Ailes Advising Trump Ahead Of Debates

Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman ousted last month over charges of sexual harassment, is advising Donald Trump as he begins to prepare for the all-important presidential debates this fall. Ailes is aiding  Trump’s team as it turns its attention to the first debate with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, on Sept. 26, according to four people briefed on the move, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

Looking Back At The Top Presidential Debates

Colbert To Air Live After Presidential Debates

BEVERLY HILLS (AP) — Stephen Colbert, who capitalized on the political conventions with live airings of his late-night show, will do the same for the presidential and vice presidential debates. […]

FEC Considered Punishing FNC For ‘Happy Hour’ Debate

CNN To Host Libertarian Candidates In Town Hall

Trump Backs Out Of Bernie Debate

Nets Interested in A Trump-Sanders Debate

ABC, CBS and Fox News have expressed interest in hosting a debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Trump, Sanders Toss Around Idea Of Debate

That possibility surfaced Wednesday, even if in a jocular tone, in an indirect exchange between the Republican billionaire real estate mogul and the senator who Hillary Clinton hasn’t been able to bump from the Democratic presidential sweepstakes.

Clinton Declines Fox News Debate With Sanders

Bernie Sanders Agrees To Debate On Fox News

CNN Dem Debate In Brooklyn Draws 5.6 Million

CNN Lands Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders Debate

DMAS 1 & 4

WJLP, KJWP Offer OTA Debate To Candidates

Robert Mc Allan, president of the two stations in New York/New Jersey and Wilmington, Del./Philadelphia, says he’s disappointed that the majority of long-form exposure given the presidential candidates from both parties has been in the debates presented solely over cable and satellite, leaving nearly 1.5 million over-the-air households in the New York and Philadelphia markets literally in the dark. He hopes to rectify that.

The Republican Debates, By The Numbers

A new report breaks down how long they’ve lasted, who’s talked the least and who’s talked the most (one guess). And just think, it’s only March. Figure on a long, hot summer.

Fox News Gets Next GOP Debate: March 21