CBS, NBC Swap Super Bowl Telecasts

CBS, which carried the game this year, will now do the 2021 Super Bowl from Tampa, Fla., while NBC, meanwhile, gets the 2022 Super Bowl from Los Angeles.


Viewers Say News Promos Beat Super Bowl Spots

The Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows Of All Time

Watch Out For Unauthorized ‘Super Bowl’ Use

For many years, we have posted guidelines about engaging in or accepting advertising or promotions that directly or indirectly allude to the Super Bowl without a license from the NFL. We are at that time of year again, so here is an updated version of our prior posts.

Why The Super Bowl Will Remain Liquor-Free

If the NFL’s recent decision to lift its longstanding ban on liquor advertisements is likely to make the upcoming season a slightly more bibulous affair, football fans shouldn’t expect to see the hard stuff on the Super Bowl menu any time soon. As much as the NFL’s media partners welcome the chance to usher in an untapped category, liquor marketers effectively will be shut out of Super Bowl LII and LIII. The league hasn’t issued any restrictions on Super Sunday spirits ads, but Anheuser-Busch’s existing deals with NBC and CBS grant it exclusivity in the alcohol category during the Big Game.

Super Bowl, NFL Out-Of-Home Viewing Rises

Plenty Super Bowl viewing — like other sports viewing — is out of the home, or at least at other people’s homes. This seems to be a growing trend. Over the past five years, Super Bowl viewing from consumers who do not live in the primary rating household (guests, or short-term visitors) contributes about 10% to the total ratings. For the past five years, on average, Nielsen calculates that this comes to roughly 11 million viewers.

NFL Refuses To Pay $1M For First Super Bowl Tape


Stations: Be Wary Of Using ‘Super Bowl’

When the NFL holds Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, it will use Arabic numerals for the first time. Even without the characteristic Roman numerals, the term “Super Bowl” remains one of the most iconic and well-known marks in sports. And, given that the Super Bowl is the most watched event of the year, advertisers and stations alike understandably want a piece of the Super Bowl action. But you should think twice before running advertisements for the “Super Bowl of sales” or the “Super Sunday Special,” as that may violate the NFL’s trademark rights.


Beware Of Super Bowl Trademark Issues

With the college football champion now decided, and the NFL league championships this coming weekend to decide this year’s Super Bowl teams, it’s that time when we post our warning about being careful with using the phrase “Super Bowl” in your promotions and commercials. Both copyright and trademark issues can arise at Super Bowl time.

Super Bowl Caught In Terrorism Politics

Congress’s failure to reauthorize its terrorism insurance program (TRIA) has Democrats and Republicans blaming each other for risking cancellations of future Super Bowls. Congress needs to reauthorize TRIA before the end of the year or it expires, but the Senate failed to act and lawmakers are headed home.