Video Description Mandate Upped To 87 Hours

By an FCC vote today, leading networks will have to increase the hours of programming with video descriptions for the blind from 50 to 87.5 per quarter starting next July. 

Litton, NAB Team For Video Description PSA

Dave Morgan, CEO-president of Litton Entertainment, today announced a partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters to provide television stations nationwide with a first of its kind public service announcement. Featuring Jeff Corwin, scientist and host of Litton’s Ocean Mysteries, this PSA explains the details of video description, a service now available to viewers that […]


Networks Set To Launch Video Descriptions

Beginning July 1, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, plus the top five cable networks will begin providing audio descriptions of some of their programming for blind or sight-impaired viewers. The shows to be described range from ABC’s Modern Family to CBS’s NCIS to Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer to USA’s Royal Pains. For now, stations in the top 25 markets and cable systems with 50,000 or more subs will be required to offer about four hours a week of the new service. The number of stations and hours will gradually increase.