USA Today Plans Virtual Reality News Show

USA Today will launch a regularly scheduled virtual reality news show, VRtually There, this spring. The Gannett-owned national newspaper says the show is the first regular news program developed for VR. VRtually There will cover a variety of topics including politics, sports, technology and finance. How often the show will air and for what length of time has yet to be determined, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. WSJ subscribers can read the full report here.

Netflix Looks To A VR Future

In case you worried that Netflix wasn’t developing on all fronts at one, calm yourself. The company is tracking developments in virtual reality with great interest, an executive said at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelaona this week. “We’ve very interested in where it could go in storytelling,” said Chirs Jaffe, VP of product innovation.

Fox Sports To Offer Daytona 500 In VR

For VR Pioneers, No Rush To Succeed In ’16

The founder of Oculus told a group of developers working on virtual reality content Wednesday that the immersive medium’s success should be measured by time — not necessarily money — spent on it.

VR To Transport Fans From Couch To Front Row


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