Baseball Coming June 1 To VR Headsets

Video in the new At Bat VR app won’t be in VR. Rather, the app places you behind home plate and shows you graphical depictions of each pitch, including a colored streak (red for strikes and green for balls) tracing the ball’s trajectory. The data come from sensors Major League Baseball already has installed in all of its stadiums.

No One Can Agree On A Name For VR Future

AR, mixed reality, VR, immersive computing: how many terms can reality take? The AR-VR turf wars have begun.

The Most Aggressive Investors In AR & VR

The main takeaway from Facebook’s F8 developer conference was that the social media giant is making big bets on augmented and virtual reality. Worldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality market are projected to approach $14 billion in 2017. But that’s forecast to explode to $143 billion by 2020. But Facebook is hardly the only company making big AR/VR plays.

Head Trip: Broadcasting An NBA Game In VR

NextVR made sports history by broadcasting weekly NBA games in virtual reality. The next step is getting people to watch.

Epic Aims To Boost AR-VR Quality In Broadcast

What Lies Ahead For VR In The Newsroom?

A new Reuters Institute report VR for News: The New Reality? by Zillah Watson, who has led the editorial development of VR experimentation at the BBC, examines ongoing developments in VR, the major challenges — both in terms of content and application, and technology — and what the future of VR might look like for news organizations around the world.


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Ventuz Technology

Ventuz Technology | Booth SL5627 | Website:  After the integration of the two technologies prior to IBC last year, Ventuz Technology and Ncam will now showcase a joint installation. To highlight the special augmented reality focus that Ventuz has planned for its appearance at NAB, it will hold a multitude of stage presentations at […]

David Attenborough To Become 3D Hologram


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Accedo

Accedo | Booth SU9205CM | Website: Accedo will demonstrate a new approach that enables an exciting and immersive virtual reality (VR) sports experience. Accedo is also joining with key partners including Brightcove and Comcast Technology Solutions to showcase their integrated offerings for OTT and video service providers. Key demonstrations at the Accedo booth will […]


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Timecode Systems

Timecode Systems | Booth C2746 | Website: Timecode Systems designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software solutions that make it easier to capture, log, search, and synchronise content captured during multicamera film and television shoots and 360-degree virtual reality (VR) filming. New Virtual Reality Sync Solution — Over the past few years, more and […]


Picture This: Graphics Move Beyond Quality

The graphics systems broadcasters rely on daily to make news, sports and weather reports more appealing and informative have advanced quite far — so much so that quality has become a given. To differentiate themselves, vendors now are focusing on the finer points like tighter workflow integration. But that’s just one of the many trends broadcasters can expect in graphics systems on the exhibit floor at the 2017 NAB Show. (Ross Video photo) Click here to access TVNewsCheck’s NAB 2017 Resource Guide listing of broadcast graphics vendors and products, or here to download it as a PDF.

Samsung Intros High-Power VR Rig

Now that Samsung’s brought virtual to the masses with Gear VR, it’s looking to build a more powerful standalone system. Oh, and it’s interested in AR too.

Turner To Deliver Sweet 16 In 360 VR

Turner Networks will stream select games from the final rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 360-degree virtual reality on Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR headsets. Those with the necessary Samsung hardware and the NCAA March Madness Live VR app will be able to view games from the tournament’s Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds, as well as the Final Four National Semifinals and the National Championship. They can choose to pay $2.99 a game or $7.99 for a package of six.

What Is The Future Of VR And AR?

Advocates of a mainstream existence for virtual reality and augmented reality content generally bet that the pathway to that existence is a header — as in helmets, goggles or something else people wear on their heads. Mobile devices rate a distant second, as in smartphones or Google’s Cardboard product. But after Digital Hollywood’s annual Media Summit last week in New York City, all bets are off.

DMG Entertainment Gets Into Virtual Reality

The media and entertainment company is launching DMG VR, a new unit focused on immersive storytelling. As part of that effort, DMG is unveiling Arcturus, a company focused on interactive narrative experiences and technology, that it incubated under the DMG VR umbrella.

CNN Launches Dedicated VR Journalism Unit

CNN is making a grand entrance into the immersive medium of VR with a new effort called CNNVR. It says it is launching the VR unit to “transport users to the front row of global events.” CNN has already worked on nearly 50 pieces of 360-degree content, so the main news is that there is now a more centralized home for viewing the content and a more formalized internal structure for producing it.

Fox Sports Streaming Big East Tournament In VR

VR Leads Marketers Down A Tricky Path

Done right, interactive videos can be a big hit with consumers. But high costs and fickle audiences can make them risky.

Oculus Cuts Price Of Virtual Reality Set By $200

Wall Street Journal Launches VR App

Imax CEO: VR Industry Needs A ‘Jump-Start’

Sarah Shahi To Star In NBC VR Drama ‘Reverie’

Chick-Fil-A’s Cows Know VR


Fox To Deliver Fresh Super Bowl Perspective

Every year broadcasters roll out some spectacular new technology to add a bit of sizzle to their production of the Super Bowl, and this year’s contest in Houston will be no exception. Fox Sports along with its partner Intel will deploy “Be The Player,” a high-tech system that relies on 38 4K cameras and two racks full of Intel Blade servers to give fans a point-of-view perspective of an individual player on the field. Above: The Fox Sports Super Bowl LI broadcast team will provide game coverage from this booth overlooking NRG Stadium in Houston. (Fox Sports photo)

This Year, A Super Bowl Chock Full Of Firsts

From the first live ad to the first virtual reality broadcast to the first local spots sold on the online broadcast, this game is shaping up as a pioneering one, if not a ratings smasher.

Hulu-Live Nation VR Show Debuts

On Stage, the new virtual reality show co-produced by Hulu and Live Nation, launched on Hulu’s VR app Thursday. The first episode features performer Lil Wayne, while the second, featuring Major Lazer, will debut later this year.

Will This Be VR’s Mainstream Year?

Probably not, says Erin Griffith, who recounts her recent experiences with the tech at CES. She likens VR to 3D printers in their early days, when hype would have it that everyone would have one in their homes, “except every home didn’t need one, and they remain an expensive curiosity to most.”


A Broadcaster’s Guide To CES 2017

The yin and yang of consumer electronics and the broadcast TV industry means CES 2017 is the place to be in January for broadcasters who want a perspective on what will be on the minds and in the hands of their viewers in 2017. One look at this year’s CES schedule reveals just how big OTT and mobile are in content distribution and just how important the next-gen TV standard is to keeping TV broadcasters in the game.

Oculus Acquires Eye Tracking Startup

Facebook’s Oculus has acquired The Eye Tribe, which has developed eye tracking developer kits for computers and software that can bring gaze-based interfaces to smartphones. Details of the deal, including the cost, weren’t released, but it could have major implications for Oculus devices in development, including its forthcoming standalone headset. 

Imagining Journalism’s Virtual Future

A new generation of virtual reality technologies seeks to significantly expand the social and physiological effect of virtual experiences, with profound implications for journalism. Journalism inside these new virtual worlds will require an entirely different set of skills and approaches, and will challenge three core journalistic concepts: representation, witnessing, and accountability.

Experts: Consolidation Coming To VR Market

“Massive consolidation” is headed toward the virtual reality industry, and there’s a vale of tears between now and mass adoption. That was the general view that surfaced at Wednesday’s Virtual Reality Intelligence conference, where startups were advised to hunker down and be wise about spending (if they want to retain autonomy), and raising too much money is akin to hanging a noose around a company’s neck at this early stage.

Discovery Hires VR Content And Strategy Boss

6 VR Experiences That Don’t Cost Too Much

Virtual reality, what’s up with that? If you are curious about this highly buzzed high-tech form of entertainment but don’t feel like plunking down $1,000 or more on sophisticated hardware, just visit one of a slew of amusement-park-type rides popping up around the world. These experiences let you shoot aliens while riding a real-life roller […]

NAB Show Shanghai Expands Offerings

The second annual NAB Show Shanghai will feature “enhanced” educational programming, including three core conferences, four conference tracks and a new exhibit floor. Produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the International High Tech Cultural Device Cluster (TCDIC), NAB Show Shanghai is scheduled for December 6-9, 2016 at the Kerry Hotel and the adjacent Shanghai National International Expo Center […]

Now You Can See NFL Highlights In Virtual Reality

NFL Producing Google-Exclusive VR Series

It will be a nine-part, limited series exclusively made for the Google Daydream virtual reality headset by NFL Films. The series will cover “life in and around the NFL — from players, to coaches, to executives, to cheerleaders, to the fans themselves — detailing how each prepares for game day,” according to a press release. The first episode will be Thanksgiving Day on YouTube, with the VR version dropping at an unspecified date before year’s end.

NBA Digital To Offer Weekly Game In VR

USA Today Debuts VR News Show

It’s called VRtually There, launched in partnership with YouTube and Toyota, and new episodes will drop each Thursday at 2 p.m. ET. Content will be available on the USA Today app, within the VR Stories app and VRtually There’s YouTube channel (where there is 60-day exclusivity).

Ad Execs: VR Market Will Take Time

Ad executives gathered for the Virtual Reality 2020 Summit Monday agreed that the time to experiment in the medium now, but expecting any kind of immediate gratification was folly with a mass audience at least a year or two away. Most marketers agreed that VR was a medium they couldn’t ignore, and opportunities to sponsor VR content from media companies were ever-expanding.

Magid: 42% Of US Consumers Interested In VR

According to a new Frank N. Magid Associates survey, 42% of U.S. consumers ages 8-64 are very or somewhat interested in virtual reality. In terms of applications, consumers are interested in using VR for watching movies and TV shows, as well as playing games and travel.