Can moving production to the cloud be easy as a day at the beach?

Broadcasters know they’re headed to the cloud, but when it comes to live production, they have big questions about latency affecting workflow and viewer experience. Vizrt dispelled those notions recently when it gathered producers at a beach house in Los Angeles to try out its Live Production in the Cloud solutions. The verdict: You’re going to start seeing [this] all over the place. It just makes too much sense.” Watch the video here.

Sports producers can travel less, be more productive and create televised events with the same quality that viewers enjoy today as soon as they move the tools they use into the cloud.

This is the verdict of a group of professionals who gathered to try out Vizrt’s Live Production in the Cloud solutions.

They met at a beach house, a site meant to symbolize the message that anyone can continue to create enterprise-grade content as if on-site, from anywhere they are in the world. If they have a beach view to do it? Even better.

It’s no longer a question of when the media technology and broadcast industry is headed to the cloud. The reality is that production workflows are moving to cloud now, and fast. With better quality content, reduced climate impact, decreased time-to-market and a host of other benefits, why wouldn’t broadcasters have their heads in the cloud?

But cloud can be confusing, complex, and provide a lot of barriers to entry – especially for the first time.

What if you could move your live productions to the cloud and improve team productivity and well-being while simultaneously reducing cost and carbon? Cue Vizrt’s Viz Vectar Plus.


Viz Vectar Plus, offers anywhere-access to enterprise-grade 4K switching in the cloud that helps content creators address the ever-growing need to produce more stories, better told.

Cloud at the Speed of Live

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Vizrt hosted a day at a beach house to show local producers how easy live production in the cloud can be.

At Vizrt’s pop-up Center of Excellence for Live Production on the beach broadcasters  had direct conversations and feedback from technical directors in the industry, allowing them to see the cloud is a viable option while discussing, and settling their concerns in front of the product.

Wondering how it went?

“What Vizrt is doing is eliminating latency,” said Jon McKelvey, a freelance director/technical director. “Getting rid of the time disparity from when it actually happens to when I’m seeing it happen as the director, and it’s kind of a game changer.”

Jeff Proctor, president of ProAngle Media, added: “If you can’t tell the difference, why wouldn’t you do something that makes more sense, that requires less travel and less cost? I think this is one of those things.”

Watch Jon, Jeff and other sports producers talk about Viz Vector Plus and live production in the cloud here.

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Jorge says:

July 13, 2022 at 10:56 am

Really not impressed at all. This video does not show anything remotely useful to make an informed decision.