CNN Brasil Streamlines Digital/Social With Grabyo

CNN Brasil has partnered with cloud video platform Grabyo to make its news service accessible to more Brazilian consumers than ever before.

It has partnered with Grabyo to streamline its digital and social video strategy. Grabyo’s video production platform is entirely cloud based, which allows CNN Brasil to produce news clips and packages remotely from anywhere in the world, and distribute content rapidly to its digital platforms.

According to Statista, 76% of Brazilian internet users are currently on social media. During the COVID-19 pandemic, use of social media platforms has risen drastically, as consumers take to these platforms to connect with their communities.

CNN Brasil is using Grabyo’s tools to maximize its reach on social media platforms. During the recent Brazilian local elections, CNN Brasil used Grabyo to deliver the results from each municipality in the country to social media moments after they were announced.

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CNN Brasil will use Grabyo Studio, Grabyo’s live clipping service, to clip, edit and distribute video content to its social and digital channels. Accessed through a web-browser on any laptop/PC device, Grabyo has direct integrations with all major social and mobile platforms for rapid distribution and monetization.

CNN Brasil will also leverage Grabyo’s integration with YouTube to create a new revenue stream for the business. While CNN Brasil builds and engages its audience with content, it will monetize content views using pre-roll advertising on videos.


“We’re excited to be working with CNN Brasil to bring accessible news content to more people,” said Jeff Fenley, commercial director, Latin America at Grabyo. “The importance of a strong digital presence for news broadcasters has increased rapidly this year. This partnership will be a win-win for CNN Brasil and Brazilian consumers, as the broadcaster can deliver more content to its digital platforms while the public will have easier access to news and vital information across any of their devices.”

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“Increasing our coverage output while maintaining the quality of our content is paramount in today’s environment,” said Thales Calipo, CNN Brasil digital director. “We are challenged to deliver news to the people of Brazil, with the highest reporting standards, as fast as we can. Partnering with Grabyo will allow us to reach consumers across all of our digital channels and ensure we are informing the public when they need information. We are also able to increase the stability of our business by making sure we are activating new revenue streams wherever possible. Social media has become a staple of news consumption and we are ensuring we are ahead of the curve in Brazil.”

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