Get After It Media To Launch ‘It’s Real Good TV’ Streaming Platform

Get After It Media, formerly known as Luken Communications, is planning to introduce its own streaming service, It’s Real Good TV. Offering 24/7 live TV channels and video on demand shows, movies, music, and news, It’s Real Good TV will be the exclusive streaming home of Get After It Media’s national TV networks: The Heartland Network, Retro TV, Rev’n, The Family Channel and The Action Channel.

In addition to the networks’ free live streams and video on demand options, paying subscribers will also have exclusive on-demand access to premium special offerings and the popular vintage soap opera The Doctors. The series, boasting a dedicated and growing fanbase, has been featured on Get After It Media’s Retro TV since 2014.

Joel Wertman, president of Get After It Media, said: “It’s Real Good TV was born out of a drive to bring all of our original programming, exclusive series, and television networks to a global audience in one neat package.” Wertman added, “After dipping our toes in the water with, I knew we could make something even bigger and bolder, and our team has delivered in spades.”

When it launches later this month, It’s Real Good TV will be available on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS and Android devices. Streaming on demand will also be available at

“It’s been a true labor of love, over a year in the making,” said Stacy Newman, Get After It Media’s director of digital development. Newman continued, “We’ve built a really solid product and I can’t wait for users to finally explore it themselves.”

While Roku and other device users will need to migrate from the singular Retro TV, The Heartland Network, Rev’n, and Watch The Doctors apps to the new It’s Real Good TV app, the broadcast, cable, and satellite viewers of the five TV networks will be unaffected. In addition, the app will have its own exclusive features, with each of the broadcast networks still offering traditional TV viewers their own exclusive content unavailable via streaming.


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