Survey: Gen Z Wants More Apps To Include Interactive Live Video

Agora Inc., a platform for real-time engagement APIs, commissioned a study that examines Gen Z preferences in mobile app-based interactive live video. The study is released ahead of Agora’s flagship event RTE2022, the conference exploring RTE technologies, set for Oct. 10-12.

Interactive live video includes live-streaming video where the audience can react with chat or emojis, and streamer(s) can interact with their audiences in real-time. These video solutions are being implemented across different facets of entertainment and business, creating opportunities to engage with audiences, customers and fans in new and interesting ways.

For the study, Agora surveyed more than 1,500 Gen Z consumers to get their thoughts on live interactive video. Over 80% (83%) of the respondents said they were familiar with interactive live video features before taking the survey. Additional key results include:

Entertainment and social media dominate on interactive live video

When asked to identify the types of mobile apps that typically deliver interactive live video features:

  • 75% said entertainment apps, like YouTube and TikTok
  • 74% said social media apps, like Facebook and Instagram
  • 51% said communication apps, like FaceTime and WhatsApp
  • 50% said gaming apps, like Twitch and Discord

“To no one’s surprise, entertainment and social media are leading the way on interactive live video features,” said Tony Zhao, Agora co-founder and CEO. “They have mainstreamed interactivity in live streaming, with Gen Z now expecting it across all live video experiences.”


Mobile app categories that don’t typically deliver interactive live video features, according to the respondents, include:

  • 33% said shopping apps, like Amazon Live and Bambuser
  • 30% said workplace apps, like Zoom and Slack
  • 17% said education apps, like Khan Academy and Quizlet
  • 13% said healthcare apps, like ZocDoc and Doctors on Demand

“Given the value of interactive live streaming to younger audiences, other mobile app categories, from education to healthcare, need to consider integrating these features, as well,” Zhao added. “Companies slow walking Gen Z preferences will get left behind.”

Relatedly, Agora’s study found that Gen Z thinks many apps are underusing interactive live video. When asked which app categories are underusing interactive live video, 42% said entertainment apps, despite its lead. A similar number (41%) said the same for social apps. Meanwhile, 30% said shopping apps are underusing it, followed by education (29%), health care (26%) and workplace (25%) apps.

“Gen Z wants more interactive live video experiences across all of the apps they use and, in general, they feel existing experiences can be more robust,” Zhao said.

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