The Weather Channel To Debut Two Original Series

Today, The Weather Channel announced its fall programming lineup, which includes two new weekly series, Uncharted Adventure and Frozen Gold. In addition to these new series, the network is also bringing back Weather Gone Viral for its seventh season.

Debuting Sunday, Nov. 7, at 9/8c, Uncharted Adventure takes viewers on a weekly one-hour adrenaline-filled journey visiting exotic destinations and showcasing incredible scenery. Hosted by world traveler and adventurer, Mike Corey, the series is the network’s first foray into the travel genre and is exclusive to The Weather Channel.

Debuting Sunday, Nov. 14, at 9/8c, Frozen Gold gives viewers a front row seat to the world of gold exploration. This weekly adventure series follows six Americans who embark on a dangerous quest to uncover wealth on an Arctic journey through uncharted land. Frozen Gold highlights one of the many impacts of global warming, as the resulting melting ice sheets have exposed land in Greenland believed to be filled with large pockets of untouched gold.

“Our viewers keep asking for more adventure and travel programming on The Weather Channel and we are delivering,” said Nora Zimmett, EVP and chief content officer at The Weather Channel television network. “These new weekly series are fun and entertaining but also inform, educate and invite audiences to travel vicariously to places they may have never seen. With the global pandemic shutting down vacations worldwide, now our viewers have the chance to explore the world from the safety of their homes.”

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tvn-member-1103977 says:

November 3, 2021 at 12:33 am

Wow, The Weather Channel is still on the air. Quit watching 15 or so years ago when they went ‘Reality TV’ heavy & refusing to interrupt for severe weather. That was further solidified when they went shilling incessantly abt. ‘climate change/global warming’. TWC became less relevant & non-existent to me when local TV stations started streaming over the Internet, or I can look up & view on the Internet TV station’s where severe weather is occurring.

No wonder a Facebook group ‘Tell The Wether Channel Why They Suck’ is so popular.

Nothing like doubling down on stupid.