BitPath To Preview NavPath And BitPoint For Positioning, Navigation And Timing Market

The new ATSC 3.0 broadcast data network will be previewed at the NAB Show. BitPath is planning to launch NavPath in several markets this year with expansion over the next year to BitPath’s entire footprint.

BitPath today announced plans to launch its broadcast data network this year with “game-changing” new Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services. BitPath executives and engineers will preview the new services for broadcasters in Las Vegas beginning on Sunday, April 24, during the 2022 NAB Show at BitPath’s suite in the Wynn hotel. Interested broadcasters can reserve a time by signing up on BitPath’s home page at

According to BitPath, “PNT is one of the fastest growing sectors in technology, with applications across the economy. The compound annual growth rate of the PNT sector is projected to be above 22% for the next decade, compared to 9% for streaming services. Through BitPath, broadcasters can participate in this rapidly growing market without compromising their core over-the-air broadcast service.

“Errors inherent in today’s free and inexpensive location services lead to inefficiencies and accidents. Consumers are familiar with misdelivered packages, missed exits, and missed rideshares. Today’s higher precision services are expensive, do not scale well, or do not perform well in urban areas, limiting their use mainly to commercial, agricultural, and governmental applications. Using robust modes of ATSC 3.0, BitPoint and NavPath are designed to serve tens of millions of users and devices, 24x7x365, at a small fraction of the cost of other services.

“PNT services have especially high value to public safety and first responders. BitPath plans to make a tier of NavPath available to them at no cost, consistent with broadcasters’ longstanding commitments to serving the public interest,” the company said.

BitPath is planning launch of NavPath in several markets this year with expansion over the next year to BitPath’s entire footprint.

John Hane, BitPath president, said: “We think the revenue potential of ATSC 3.0 is enormous, and NavPath and BitPoint are ideal broadcast data services. They require a tiny amount of broadcast capacity, yet the data has extremely high value to users. And BitPath’s broadcast architecture means infinite scalability at low cost in urban and suburban areas, a combination existing services can’t match.”


BitPath COO Sasha Javid said: “Everyone uses location services every day, and the value of precise location will grow exponentially with demand for autonomous transportation and delivery, augmented reality, Internet of Things, environmental monitoring, and other technologies on the horizon. We want BitPath’s suite of PNT services to allow everyone — and every device — to have access to high precision, low-cost location services all the time.”

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