Boris FX Releases Advanced Paint, Rotoscoping, Motion Tracking Tools

The new Silhouette and Mocha Pro releases from Boris FX offer features to artists working on VFX-heavy films and streaming/broadcast projects. The Oscar- and Emmy-winning tools are now available as a plugin to popular video software platforms or as a standalone application.

“We understand that visual effects artists, paint/roto artists, and compositors across the globe face increased workloads with shorter turnarounds and higher production values,” says Boris Yamnitsky, founder and CEO of Boris FX. “One of the main goals of Silhouette 2023 and Mocha Pro 2023 is to provide artists with the most efficient workflows possible. We’re thrilled to introduce our first internally-developed ML technology inside Silhouette to aid in that pursuit. Additionally, users of Mocha Pro 2023 will benefit greatly from new tools that slash time spent tracking complicated shots and produce more organic rotoscoping results.”

Katie Morris, VFX artist and trainer, KMFX, said: “Silhouette continues to excel in roto, paint, and tracking — and is raising the bar even higher with the 2023 new features. Expressions can now be used, and with that, the new Motion Blur Controller Expression Action will now control the motion blur parameters for all of my roto nodes in a session. It’s such an efficient way to manage motion blur settings. With the introduction of the machine learning Denoiser, as well as the Regrain nodes, it has never been easier to manage the grain workflow. It’s effortless and can now be done in one project file. The new Stability AI node is mind-blowing with a user-friendly interface. I can see all the potential ways it may streamline my workflows and let me focus on the creative process. These days, every single shot I work on is touched by Silhouette.”

What’s New in Silhouette 2023

The Stability node integrates Stable Diffusion’s pioneering, deep-learning text-to-image model directly inside Silhouette. The integration allows digital paint artists to use inpaint, outpaint, or generate images from scratch using text prompt.

Three refined grain management nodes deliver cinematic realism to footage. Trained using thousands of frames, the Denoiser ML node uses sophisticated machine learning (ML) techniques to eliminate unwanted noise from images while preserving critical features. The Regrain node samples the source image’s grain, regenerates it, and randomizes it to add it back into a degrained composite. The UltraGrain node from Boris FX Sapphire accurately applies photorealistic film grain and camera noise to images based on popular film stocks and contemporary digital cameras (Arri Alexa, Red, Canon, Sony, and more).


The Primatte node gives users access to Academy Award-nominated chromakeying tech. The GPU-accelerated algorithm makes it easy to key and composite green or blue screen footage seamlessly.

Silhouette’s new expression system allows artists to create complex animations and link parameters, perform math functions, and use variables without having to write code.

The 2023 release also includes Boris FX sister products Mocha Pro 2023, Particle Illusion 2023, Sapphire 2023.5, and select Continuum 2023 nodes. The updated nodes give artists access to the newest compositing and visual effects tools from the award-winning lineup.

Silhouette is available as a standalone application and/or plugin with monthly/annual subscriptions, upgrade and support plans, and permanent licenses. Host application support includes Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Resolve and Fusion, and Autodesk Flame. See pricing for more details.

What’s New in Mocha Pro 2023

Mocha Pro’s selection tools get a boost with the addition of a falloff option that makes rotoscoping more organic. Easily modify the radius and strength of the falloff gradient as needed with the same selection tool used to adjust spline edges or clusters of PowerMesh vertices.

Tackling complex or difficult shots is simplified with the ability to split splines into new layers, break up roto into different snapshots, and merge multiple layers of tracking data into one.

The Remove Module adds a timesaving feature that creates a single layer to get rid of unwanted moving objects on locked or static shots — without needing to track them.

The Insert Module includes an improved ROI (region of interest) crop that makes it easier to manipulate PowerMesh and Grid warps on organic moving objects, including faces, muscles, clothing and more.

A streamlined workflow inside Foundry Nuke allows compositors to generate track data nodes directly inside Nuke’s node interface without opening the Mocha Pro UI. Users can choose from linked or baked nodes. View full product page.

Mocha Pro is available as a plugin and standalone application with monthly/annual subscriptions, upgrade & support plans, and permanent licenses. Host application support includes Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Fusion, VEGAS Pro, and HitFilm Pro. See pricing for more details.

Silhouette and/or Mocha Pro customers on active subscriptions or upgrade and support plans receive the corresponding 2023 product release as a complimentary update.

Artists looking to purchase Silhouette and/or Mocha Pro save 25% on all available options through Friday, April 28, at midnight PT.

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