Dalet webinar will introduce new Storytelling 360 standard

Join Dalet on June 23 for a live keynote presented by Raoul Cospen, director of product strategy, news at Dalet, who will be interviewed by TVNewsCheck Editor Michael Depp. They will discuss the next generation of storycentric workflows and how you can supercharge your newsroom's performance. Register here.

Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, today announced a new live webinar to introduce its Storytelling 360 standard in news production for all news organizations. “Simplify Your (Journalist) Life with Storytelling 360” is scheduled for 11 a.m. ET on June 23.

In this webinar, Raoul Cospen, Dalet’s news market director, will be interviewed by TVNewsCheck Editor Michael Depp on better ways to organize news stories.

Propelling digital-first multiplatform workflows, Dalet’s next-generation news production and distribution solution empowers news story creators across all teams to work collaboratively with Storytelling 360.

A live demonstration of Storytelling 360 in action as part of Dalet Unified News Operations will be conducted, and members of the product management team will be available to answer questions from the audience.

Register for “Simplify Your (Journalist) Life with Storytelling 360” here.

All Dalet webinars are available for on-demand streaming after the event date.


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