Grabyo And Reuters Enable Remote Live Video Editing And Publishing

Cloud video production, editing and distribution platform Grabyo today announced a global partnership with Reuters that enables news organizations, broadcasters and publishers to remotely edit and publish live video from Reuters Connect in real-time.

With the increased reliance on remote working, Reuters customers already have the ability to access live video feeds from anywhere in the world through Reuters Connect, now they can use the Grabyo platform for immediate recording, clipping and distribution to any destination, be it television or digital.

The partnership simplifies the way distributed news teams, including those working from home, can publish and edit live video content to multiple destinations. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the continued distribution of both live news broadcasts and real-time content is of paramount importance.

The agreement allows Reuters Connect customers to access the Grabyo platform at a discounted rate, ensuring customers have access to cloud-based tools to maintain coverage of live news from a remote location.

By using Grabyo, Reuters Connect users will be able to remotely access live broadcasts and go back through previous broadcasts. The service supports any live events broadcast on the Reuters Connect platform, with a simple set-up within Grabyo for remote access to the content.

Content can be localized, with custom graphics and branding for owned and operated platforms, providing a simple solution for personalized news delivery to digital channels.


Grabyo provides the option to create additional video packages from a live Reuters Connect broadcast using its browser-based live editing tools. Edits can include multiple assets, audio files, transitions and graphics and can be captioned in real-time using automated speech recognition.

“With more and more of our customers around the world forced to work from home, Reuters is constantly seeking ways to help them adapt and face a new set of challenges,” said Nick Cohen, global head of product, core news services, Reuters. “Partnering with remote platforms such as Grabyo helps us to ensure our customers’ live news teams can continue their critical work without interruption.”

Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO, said: “We are pleased to offer the Grabyo services to members of Reuters Connect at this difficult time for news organizations around the world.  With news teams moving to fully remote working and the increased reliance on distributed video workflows, we know there is a real need to ensure broadcasters and publishers can continue to deliver high-quality news content both live and real-time to digital audiences.  The demand for real time updates from trusted news sources is more important than ever right now.”

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