On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Klover Products

Klover Products | Stand 8.A72 | https://kloverproducts.com/

Klover Products, designer and manufacturer of live sports audio and video production equipment, will present its Klover MiK parabolic microphone equipment and accessories, and Klear Shot compressed gas lens cleaner. This is the first time Klover will have a presence at IBC.

Klover MiK Series — At the heart of Klover Products is the Klover MiK, a series of parabolic microphone dishes that act as auditory telescopes for capturing on-field audio from a targeted area during sports events. Available in 26-, 16- and nine-inch diameters, the Klover MiK can be outfitted with various professional, high-quality microphone capsules, such as DPA and Sennheiser. The parabolic dish provides a focused pickup pattern that is ideally suited for live sports broadcasts, including rugby, handball and racing, among others. The patented design of the Klover MiK employs the physics of a parabolic curve to collect sound energy from a large area onto a small microphone, while simultaneously reducing noise, such as from crowds and machinery.

Klear Shot — The company’s Klear Shot camera lens cleaning system allows camera operators to quickly and easily remove rain drops and other debris from a camera lens without touching the camera, using a patented compressed gas system. This is an especially useful product for broadcasters in rainy regions. It serves as a valuable alternative to the traditional means of wiping the lens with a cloth, which may lead to a smudged lens that could cause difficulties with seeing the live action. By extension, a cameraman may have to obstruct the live video stream in an effort to better clean the camera. The Klear Shot is great for both ENG cameras as well as those with much larger lens surfaces, such as sports cameras.

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